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Emotional Affairs - Recognizing and Coping With Emotional Infidelity


Flirtatious e-mails. Cell phone heart-to-hearts. Perfectly harmless working lunches. Emotional cheating: it's a new kind of adultery. There's no sex, but psychiatrist ...

How to Deal with Emotional Infidelity in a Marriage | Mad About ...


Mar 2, 2012 ... How to Deal with Emotional Infidelity. One of the most hurtful things a spouse can discover is that his or her spouse is being emotionally ...

How to cope with an emotional affair - NY Daily News


Sep 5, 2013 ... You can almost hear your own defense before you're even sure you need one. " We were just grabbing a drink to unwind from that meeting, and ...

9 Steps to Forgive an Emotional Affair Without Going Insane


Here are nine tips to help you forgive emotional cheating: Infatuation vs. Love. It's very ... Your wife's emotional infidelity had nothing to do with you. Even if your marriage .... ***Alternative Therapies for Managing Diabetes · ***Cinnamon - The  ...

The Story on Emotional Affairs | Today's Christian Woman


And in fact, it is not uncommon to hear a spouse say they can forgive the sex of a physical affair but the struggle is dealing with the emotional entanglement.

The Truth About Emotional Affairs | The Huffington Post


Oct 18, 2012 ... They end up spending a great deal of time together at work and the ... An emotional affair takes time and energy away from marriage. There is ...

14 Ways to Recover from an Emotional Affair - Beyond Blue - Beliefnet


To help all of my readers who struggle with this issue, I have compiled these 14 tips to overcome an emotional affair: techniques to let go of the pieces in these ...

How to End an Emotional Affair: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Have a discussion with your partner, addressing some of the issues that the emotional affair brought up.

After Your Partner's Affair: Dealing with the Rollercoaster Ride of ...


If you've been the victim of an affair, you know that it hits like a punch to the gut. The many emotions that follow feel like a hailstorm of pain. There are some ...

How to Deal With Your Husband's Emotional Affair • Infidelity Healing


Your husband's emotional affair cuts deep. The violation of trust that you've experienced is deep and profound. Here's how you can deal with the pain.