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Weddings and baby showers are two of life's most momentous rites of passage. They are wonderful celebrations that mark new beginnings and renewed hope.


Jul 12, 2017 ... Say you're busy, and leave it at that. To ensure that you don't end up on anyone's bad side, politely decline the invite to attend the baby shower, ...


May 5, 2017 ... Here are tips on how to decline invitations in the most polite and gracious ... as a birthday party or baby shower, go ahead and send something.


Jun 5, 2005 ... But calendars can get crammed if someone throws a birthday bash, celebrates a bat mitzvah or hosts a baby shower. Then there are baptisms, ...


Oct 19, 2003 ... Peggy Post gives advice on how to decline a baby shower invitation for an old friend you're not in touch with.


Jul 19, 2012 ... Source: Shutterstock. In the past few weeks, I've received no less than four baby shower invitations. Oddly, none of my closest friends are ...


Dec 7, 2006 ... This is the third invitation for a party I had to decline for the same day. .... She once began a note declining an invitation to a baby shower with ...


I do, but I don't know how to decline the invite from the other sister. I'm the ... ...or should I just bite the bullet & go to my sister's baby shower?


Infertility: It is Okay to Decline a Friend's Baby Shower. Another baby shower invite and you panic. Why does attending a baby shower always make you feel so ...