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Legal Fees for Divorce: What's Deductible? | DivorceNet.com


Can you write-off the cost of your divorce lawyer? ... Can you deduct your legal fees for a divorce, alimony, or related expenses? Generally, the IRS says no.

What's Deductible for Legal Fees When Couples Divorce | The ...


Feb 3, 2014 ... Generally, the IRS says "no" to tax deductions that might ease the pain of divorce. The agency has no sympathy for the legal fees and other ...

Divorce Tax Tips: Five Most Common Tax Questions | The ...


Jan 29, 2013 ... Divorce brings considerable changes to the way you file your taxes and which ... It's unlikely you can deduct your divorce attorney fees.

Tax Deductions for Divorce-Related Fees | US Tax Center


Aug 19, 2010 ... If you are going through a divorce you are going to spend money ― there is no way around it. While divorce can be hurtful to your bank account ...

Tax Tips: Can I Deduct Divorce Attorney Fees? | Dads Divorce


Michigan divorce lawyer Jennifer M Paine discusses tax tips for divorce, specifically can divorce attorney fees be deducted when you file your taxes.

Legal Fees For A Divorce: What Is Or Is Not Deductible - Ivdgl


Generally, the IRS refuses to allow a tax deduction to ease the pain for a couple who split and incur legal fees and other costs to obtain a divorce, separation or ...

Publication 504 - Divorced or Separated Individuals - Costs of ...


You can't deduct legal fees and court costs for getting a divorce. But you may be able to deduct legal fees paid for tax advice in connection with a divorce and ...

Divorce, Medical Expense Deductions & Tax Credits - Lawyers.com


A child of divorced or separated parents is treated as the dependent of both parents for purposes of deducting medical expenses. Therefore, the parent who ...

The Only Good Legal Fees Are Tax Deductible Legal Fees - Forbes


Sep 22, 2010 ... If you pay legal fees to get divorced or because a family member sues you for slander, your legal fees are purely personal and non-deductible.

Are Attorney's Fees Tax Deductible? - Lawyers.com


The odds are good you're going to need legal advice some day. Maybe you're thinking about getting a divorce, need help writing a lease for the house you want  ...