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7 Reasons to Downsize (and Take Back Your Life) - Shalom Mama


Oct 18, 2013 ... What I ultimately learned was that it was time to downsize. And not just our possessions, though we really needed to downsize there, too.

How to Pare Down Your Wardrobe When You Like Most of It ...


Mar 24, 2014 ... I also felt deep pangs of guilt and regret when I considered the many ... the rest of you who are still struggling to downsize your packed closets. .... Free yourself up to wear your favorite clothes as often as you want without guilt.

How to Downsize Your Bookshelf Without Feeling Like You're ...


Aug 26, 2014 ... I recently downsized. ... How to Downsize Your Bookshelf Without Feeling Like You're ... It was a gift, and you are only keeping it out of guilt.

How to Deal with Sentimental Clutter without Losing the Memories


getting rid of sentimental clutter doesn't have to mean getting rid of your memories.

Letting Go Without Regret: A Tip for Giving Up Things You Don't ...


Jan 20, 2015 ... What's helping me get rid of these items guilt-free and without being overwhelmed with regret? I'm not selling them to strangers on Craigslist ...

The Stickiest Reason We Keep Stuff We Don't Want - Christine ...


Aug 16, 2007 ... Or not. Guilt is the stickiest clutter issue for people. Not just women. ..... But recently I have been downsizing my life, going for a cleaner, simpler ...

Downsizing the Supply Mountain - Simple Scrapper


Jun 5, 2012 ... I even found space to install an elliptical machine and I can continue to scrapbook without any guilt. Messy Scrapbook Room. If you're a paper ...

4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them - Houzz


“Throw them away,” she said without a second thought. Torey is a neatnik ... A subcategory of this is: "I'm not actually sure what it is, but it may be important!" A few months ... Downsizing Help: How to Edit Your Belongings Full Story · Decorate ...

10 Ways to Let Go of Your Stuff - Real Simple


I sold the lot to a used-electronics store for $60 (not bad, considering) and got a much needed ... Not even the bestower of scary clowns. 6. ... Let go of the guilt.

Hoard No More: The Art of Throwing Stuff Away | Greatist


Jun 14, 2012 ... It was probably the first, but certainly not the last, time I'd struggle to get ... in the nearest garbage truck can provoke feelings of guilt and anxiety.

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How To Deal With Sentimental Clutter Without Feeling Guilty


Jun 14, 2012 ... How To Deal With Sentimental Clutter Without Feeling Guilty ... The guilt would be too much. ... Really think about Chris's example – and mine – and find a way to downsize some of that sentimental “stuff” – especially if it's ...

Discardia: Getting Rid of Stuff


Sep 1, 2003 ... Guilt is an insidious thing, though, and often not so easily brushed aside. ...... Came across this site after months of working on downsizing

5 Ways To Downsize And Simplify Your Life - Smaggle


Feb 8, 2016 ... If you're having guilt about throwing away a lot of stuff (and we all should ... Yes they were probably very expensive but that's no excuse to have ...