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Celebrate Your Name Week


Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW) is a holiday established in 1997 by American onomatology hobbyist Jerry Hill. Hill prescribed the first full week in March as a week for everyone worldwide to embrace...

6 Reasons Why Having A Unique Name Is Better - Odyssey


Apr 13, 2016 ... As a result, you have had to learn to embrace your individuality and uniqueness. Besides, people who say rude things about a unique name ...

How to embrace IT to deliver unique intelligence - Digimind


How to embrace IT to deliver unique intelligence. How to ... Embracing the power of IT is key to delivering unique intelligence. ... Company Name*. Role*.

How to Remember Names Even If You Have Bad Memory | Embrace ...


And that's exactly how other people feel when you forget their names. Names give people their identity. It is what makes them unique and people pay a lot of ...

Remember to Embrace Your Unique Journey - The Simply ...


Aug 25, 2014 ... Remember to Embrace Your Unique Journey ... into an elderly woman during her travels in Italy in which she wakes up to this life truth and embracing the journey. ... Name. Email. Website. Notify me of new posts by email.

Unique Baby Names: 18 Different Spellings We Really Like


Jun 14, 2016 ... Baby names with unique spellings are taking over. So, let's embrace it with 18 common monikers with unique spellings that we really like.

50 Unique Jewelry Store Names | ToughNickel


Apr 21, 2016 ... To help, here are 50 unique jeweler and jewelry store names! ... Opening a clothing boutique is the perfect way to embrace both! Check out our ...

Why It's Awesome (and Helpful!) to Have a Unique Name - Yahoo


Dec 10, 2015 ... But unique names are not just a habit of Hollywood. Nowadays ... You could be more likely to embrace unconventional or creative thinking.

Why PR Pros Need to Embrace New Technologies | PRNewser


Aug 12, 2015 ... As professionals, we are increasingly expected to embrace new .... How to Name Your Brand or Product Develop a unique name for any brand, ...

Grandparent names: 'Granny' goes modern - TODAY.com


Sep 3, 2014 ... No matter where the name comes from, it's clear that grandparent names send a message about ... Goodbye Granny, hello Honey: Modern grandparents embrace creative names ... “A little bit unique without being [too crazy].

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9 Reasons Why A Girl With A Unique Name Is A Stronger, Better ...


May 11, 2015 ... The name makes the woman.

Baby name regret: A guide for living with a unique name - ABC ...


Sep 3, 2016 ... Is your name Isis, or Moon Unit? Then this guide ... Baby name regret: A guide for living with a unique name. Opinion ... Embrace it. Be as weird ...

Learn how to embrace your Unique Story and Message


You have a story…a message to share. Sometimes we feel like our message doesn't even make sense. But I'm here to tell you, YOUR STORY does matter.