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These assorted diets may be based on canned cat or dog food, chicken meat, eggs, kitten chow, or include excessive amounts of applesauce, human baby ...

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If you do not desire an opossum as a neighbor, remove outdoor pet food, dropped orchard fruit or whatever else may have attracted the animal and suggest you ...

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Jun 9, 2012 ... This is Zeke, the biggest possum me or my family has ever seen! ... Feeding the cutest baby possum rescue with my dog watching nearby.

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Opossum Specifc products for the care of your pet Opossums. ... supplies for babies and grooming supplies appropriate for your exotic pet. .... Feeding Degus

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Make the formula as indicated in the diet section. Offer diluted formula every 2 hours using a 1 cc syringe, eye-dropper, or pet nurser. Syringes are better ...

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Trying to transform a possum into a pet can be expensive and heartbreaking. ... The omnivorous opossum eats a wide variety of food on his nightly rounds.

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Short tailed opossums are growing in popularity as an exotic pet. They are small, generally friendly creatures which have good pet potential. They are certainly ...

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Many opossums even take advantage of human activities and can for instance be seen rummaging through garbage cans, nicking pet food and scavenging ...

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Rats and mice; Snakes; Amphibians; Eggs; Crayfish and other fish if available; Cetain types of dog and cat food if left outside to feed someone's pets; In captivity  ...

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Whew, no wonder pet owners are confused. In addition to these choices, there is a lot of misinformation about pet food diets floating around out there.

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Even birds or large snakes may make opossums nervous. Choose the right diet. A low-fat, high-protein dry pet food should be used, supplemented with ...

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Nov 16, 2011 ... Opossums are omnivorous in the wild. Offer them variety! Start with a basic ferret, cat, or hedgehog dry diet. Superworms and crickets are a ...

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Truth be known, the 'possum is about as harmless an animal as you can find in ... In urban settings, an opossum will eat pet food, bird seed, and garbage; this ...