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Aug 29, 2012 ... For a change of pace, try growing chicory – a tough cool-season perennial crop that is a preferred deer forage – in your next fall food plot.


CHICORY lasts 2 to 5 years and is a beneficial forb that deer instinctively crave. ... ago and introduced the wildlife world to the benefits of chicory as a food plot ...


Chicory. Chicory seed produces a perennial herb with a deep taproot that when planted in food plots, produces abundant spring and summer forage that deer ...

Jul 27, 2013 ... This deer is captured on a Moultrie 990i game camera and is going to town on this Alfalfa and Chicory Food plot in Northern New York.


If you are attracting them to hunt or if you just want to enjoy nature in your backyard, planting chicory in a food plot will attract deer to wherever you planted it.


Food Plot Use: Chicory is very attractive to deer and other wildlife. Chicory may be planted alone, as a companion crop, or in a mixture of seeds usually legumes.


Chicory Food Plot Seed - Chicory is broad leafed perennial herb or greens forage and is highly nutritional for summer and fall food plots for deer. Chicory seed ...


The objective of feeding plots is to better meet the deer's year-round nutritional needs, ... In wetter years the clover will thrive while the chicory does all right.


Q Has Buck Forage Chicory ever been tested?A Yes. We side by side planted Buck Forage Chicory next to Buck Forage Oats on our hunting lease in Stuttgart,  ...


Mar 17, 2010 ... If planting a wildlife food plot for viewing various animals and birds, choose ... alfalfa and chicory with the annual brassicas such as rape, turnip, ...