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State Regulation List: Baiting & Feeding - Lucky Buck


This list contains excerpts from published state regulation guides on feeding and/ or baiting deer. Often we include our interpretation of whether mineral ...

Should You Feed Wildlife in the Winter? - Winter in Ohio


Dec 15, 2014 ... Come springtime, don't expect the deer you fed all winter to find greener pastures . By then, they will have become accustomed to the free meal ...

State Laws | Shock Effect Probiotics


Legal to feed or bait deer with salt and mineral including Lucky Buck Mineral. ... Ohio. Legal to feed deer or bait deer anywhere in the state anytime on private ...

Feeding the deer in winter | Field & Stream


I asked a biologist friend of mine what's best to feed the deer to help them thru ... that is true "OH hunter" winter does kill of the weaker and ...

Ohio Deer Hunting Season 2016-2017 | TrekOhio


Here are the dates for Ohio 2016 / 2017 White-tailed Deer Season .... Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry – where to donate your deer to feed hungry people  ...

Deer Food Habits and Range Characteristics in Ohio - JStor


Ohio deer were not heavily dependent on woody browse even in winter. Crop residues were most important as deer food in northern Ohio, less so in ...

Mentor Council makes feeding deer illegal - The News-Herald


Jan 16, 2013 ... The ordinance amendment making it illegal to feed deer provoked ... of traffic accidents related to deer of any community in Northeast Ohio," he ...

do you have a deer problem? - Parma


Visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife ... mind, if a deer is hungry enough they can eat plants that are hard to chew, digest or that ...

What Do Deer Love to Eat? | Animals - mom.me


These mostly nocturnal grazers aren't too picky about the types of plants they feed on. Some staples of the white-tailed deer include grass, nuts, twigs, alfalfa, ...

What do whitetail deer eat? - Foremost Hunting


Like humans deer have food preferences and will eat their food preferences whenever and wherever they find them. When the deer's food of choice is not ...

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Feeding deer corn is not the best thing to do - Farm and Dairy


Feb 25, 2010 ... Last week's column on the perils of feeding deer corn in winter .... want to feed deer anyway is beyond me you all got enough up here in Ohio.

Ohio - Deer Friendly


several factors that played into the higher total... a lower than average mast crop ( acorns), which made deer more active in looking for other food sources...

Should You Feed Deer in the Winter? - OutdoorHub


Jan 16, 2015 ... Providing supplemental feed to deer in the winter is controversial and .... Oh by the way Deer don't shit where they eat but go into the woods ...