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Auction sniping


Auction sniping is the practice, in a timed online auction, of placing a bid likely to exceed the ... For example, it is permitted by eBay. ... The highest bid 10 minutes before the end of a contest...

ebay- Reveal maximum bid of others? - Digital Point


There are times where when you bid on ebay you're automatically outbid by others who have set a maximum bid,and then you can set your won maximum.... ... #2. There is no way to find this out without bidding against them.

Sniping! The Best kept secret on Ebay | eBay


They were extremely hard to come by in my area and if you did find them, they cost way more than I ... I bid my highest bid and to my delight, I was the winner.

Can seller see the max bids? - The eBay Community


You can only see what the max bid is for the previous bidder as he has lost the item to a higher bidder. You can't see what the maximum amount is that the ...

How to Win at eBay: How to Pay Less Than You Bid - Ken Rockwell


eBay's semi-automated bid process automatically enters bids for you only as ... In other words, if you enter $500 and the next highest bidder only enters $66, you'll ... save yourself and everyone else from getting auction fever, getting emotional ...

Proven Ebay Bidding Techniques - Cricketsniper.com


Ebay has a good help page and the Q/A board is tops for getting questions answered. Ebay ... This maximum bid can be placed at anytime during the auction.

How to Snipe on eBay: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


This how to guide will show you the best methods of sniping an eBay auction, increasing your chances of winning an ... Find an auction you're interested in. ... 10. You should win the auction, unless someone's highest bid is over your snipe.

Why sniping with one's maximum value is the optimal bidding ...


Yes, that isn't quite how eBay works because the highest bidder can pay up to ... the second highest bid because of the proxy bidding system that eBay uses. .... meaningful and hopefully the procedure will help you to find your maximum value .

How to Look Up Someone's Maximum Bid on eBay | eHow


In order to keep eBay auctions legitimate and prevent sellers from bidding on their own auctions, there is no way to determine the maximum bid amount entered ...

Outsmarting the Competition on eBay - For Dummies


Here's why: Many eBay members tend to round off their bids to the nearest dollar figure. ... The highest bidder is sure to win, so the usual bidding strategy is to knock out ... Night-owl bidders will find that after 11 p.m. Pacific Time (about 2 a.m. ...

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Bidding overview - eBay


Your maximum bid reflects the amount you're willing to pay for an item, but you ... any of the conditions for retracting a bid, consult the table to determine if you ...

eBay hacking: Can a shill bidder discover a legit bidder's max bid ...


But I guess this is why ebay works the way it does, the sellers rely on the buyers getting carried away by other's bids to increase the selling ...

Ebay Question - does the seller ever see a bidders maximum bid ...


My max bid was $30. That's about average for what I've seen it sell for. Does the seller know that I was willing to pay $30? When does he find ...