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Before you sue, make sure your opponent is solvent so you can collect what you' re owed. ... So, before you sue, always ask yourself: Can I collect if I win? ... So if the person you want to sue gets all his or her income from one of those ... But if a business doesn't voluntarily pay your judgment and it takes in money on a dail...

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So, you have won your lawsuit, but the other side has not simply cut you a check. ... A polite, but firm and business-like request, either in person or by letter, ... legal right to the money, if the debtor is unable to pay you everything you are owed, ...

If you sued someone for money and received a judgment

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25 -Collecting Money From a Small Claims Judgment. If you sued someone for money and received a judgment against that person, you have the right to collect  ...

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Mar 17, 2016 ... If someone owes you money and you haven't had any success getting ... one defendant as long as the reasons you are suing them are connected. If you win the case you will be able to get a judgment against the defendant.

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Lawsuits are serious business, requiring plenty of time, energy, and money. ... If you get involved in a lawsuit, shop around for an attorney you feel comfortable with. ... together during the course of the lawsuit, and you need to find someone you can work with. ... It is not a waste of your time if it helps you to win the lawsuit. 7.

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Feb 14, 2012 ... First, if you spend the time and money to sue, chances are pretty good ... Also, if you win, and get a judgment in your favor, the money you're ...

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Will you be able to collect a judgment if you win? ... Do you have the money to pay a lawyer to handle the lawsuit? ... If you are suing someone from a different state, a court in your state may not have power or "jurisdiction" over that person.

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Being sued can take down your business and take away your livelihood. Be prepared for the worst by knowing what to do if it happens to you.

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A creditor or debt collector can win a lawsuit against you even if you are ... the creditor has won the lawsuit and; you still owe that sum of money to that person or ...

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Finally, assuming you do win your lawsuit, you need to ask yourself whether ... In this situation, you have paid the money to the contractor, thus fulfilling your obligation. ... Suppose that you have been injured by someone's actions that you think ...

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Make sure you do this important analysis before you bring a lawsuit ... to learn you don't automatically receive the money when you win a judgment. ... Unfortunately, it is easy to get so caught up in thinking about suing the person who did you ...

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Is it the case that if you sue and win that if the person refuses to pay, that ... If the defendant can't pay because they don't have the money, then ...

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Feb 24, 2014 ... If you're facing a lawsuit, try to avoid your natural impulse to get nervous and panic. ... Secondly, "just because you are getting sued does not mean that the other person ... If it's a civil court case, you probably won't go to court.