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Jan 1, 2016 ... You're about to give yourself another wedgie, but as your hands grab the ... You heard the stories about the hanging wedgies; they're painful.

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Nov 21, 2014 ... How to give yourself the ultimate chair wedgie step by step Low ... Painful Experience Worst Wedgie Ever in the history of man - Duration: 5:14.

How to Give a Wedgie: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


If you want to know how to give the wedgie of a lifetime, just see Step 1 to get started. ... section and choose whatever you think would be best for your victim ( best = most annoying/most painful). ... How do you give yourself an atomic wedgie?

How To Give Yourself A Wedgie? - Blurtit


Put hot sause in the front of your undies and hang yourself forward on a hook so that the wedgie is in front. It hurts more. Next, get 2 people. 1 to give you an un ...

How can I give myself an indoor wedgie without damaging my ...


May 2, 2009 ... I do need to give myself this wedgie without damaging my ... How can I give myself a really painful self-wedgie that causes no damage to the ...

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Test yourself with wedgie quizzes, trivia, questions and answers! ... Do you know what kind of wedgie is considered the most painful? ... Give it a try today!

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Find new wedgie dares & challenges on Make A Dare. ... give a wedgie to you or a friend ... easily beat in a fight then give them a creative yet painful wedgie. also i need someone to ... give yourself a frontal wedgie for an hour and make video.

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Take my 4th quiz!!!! Take this survey! How old are you? What kind of underwear do you wear most of the time? Do you like to give or receive wedgies? What.

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Afterwards give your self a bra-connection wedgie for 10 mins. ... pull the leg holes up over your shoulders to give yourself a shoulder wedgie and keep ... this for a while and it feels good and painful, put the leg holes over you sholders and sit ...

Your worst wedgie - Mister Poll


Feb 2, 2005 ... If it was a hanging wedgie how many pairs were used? 0 ... Did you wet yourself ... What made them give the wedgie ... 1 being not very painful.

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Gang Wedgie: When a group of people attack you and give you as many .... this is painful and most people love it. try giving yourself a wedgie at home or ...

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Jul 21, 2013 ... The problem for selfers is that it can be pretty painful so here's a few tips .... One idea would be to give yourself a Propeller Wedgie then sit in a ...

How can I give myself a really painful self-wedgie that causes no ...


May 23, 2009 ... How can I give myself a really painful self-wedgie that causes no ... Okay put on 5 pairs of tighty whities (NeRd) and wedgie yourself with the 2 ...