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Nine Biggest Ways to Increase Book Sales - Where Writers Win


Aug 31, 2013 ... Here, in a nutshell, are the nine biggest ways authors can increase book sales, laid out in order of timing/priority. (No surprise; it's also the ...

4 Proven Ways to Increase Book Sales - Write Nonfiction NOW!


Jan 13, 2016 ... Kathleen Gage offers powerful tips on how to successfully market books. Using these tested strategies increases book sales.

How To Increase Book Sales! | Book Promotion Hub


2 10 2014 10 04 32 PM How To Increase Book Sales! This is a summary post because I recognize that everyone gets on my list at different types, and it's always ...

How to Boost Your Online Book Sales With “Sales Nodes”


Oct 21, 2011 ... Boost your online book sales with the innovative technique of building "sales nodes". Step-by-step tips of how to generate more book sales.

Fourteen Tips To Increase E-Book Sales - Book Business


Nov 1, 2010 ... With the growth of e-books, e-readers, apps and the new digital distribution channels serving them, the number of unique titles available to ...

Sell My Book Online: 4 Little Known Ways To Increase Sales


Are you frustrated with your book sales? Ready to throw in the towel? Running out of ideas? This post will share little known ways I sell my book online.

15 Strategies to Increase your Amazon Book Sales | Karen Williams ...


Oct 20, 2015 ... Help: How do I get book sales on Amazon?” was a message that I received in my inbox a few weeks ago. Whether you love Amazon or not, ...

17 Strategies For Boosting Book Sales - Vervante Blog


Sep 14, 2014 ... These and more have all been used successfully by authors to build up to a book's release, attract a loyal audience and increase sales.

Twitter Increased My Print Sales by 1000% in 1 Month | Author Media


Then I tried it out and my print sales increased 1000% in 1 month. Here's my ... I just learned how C.S. Lakin used Twitter to increase her book sales. I'm have to ...

How to Use Quora to Increase Book Sales - Kindlepreneur


Dec 22, 2015 ... Check out these Quora tactics so as to increase your upvotes, rankings, and also drive incredible traffic to your website, sales page or social ...

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Five Tips to Improve Your Bookselling Efforts - iUniverse


One key objective in your publishing journey is selling your book successfully. Here are five tips we think may help improve your efforts to increase book sales.

How to Increase Book Sales without “Selling” – Kathy Ide Book ...


Sep 15, 2014 ... So what is a good way to sell books? One of the best ways authors can increase book sales is by developing an effective author platform.

7 Ways to Boost Book Sales with Easy Online Book Marketing


Give your book a perpetual sales boost with consistent marketing. Go ahead. Market daily and prosper daily in book sales.