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African dwarf frog


African dwarf frogs, genus Hymenochirus, are small aquatic frogs native to parts of Africa, ... This African frog habitat in the wild consists of shallow rivers, creeks, and ponds during the dry sea...

African Dwarf Frog Housing and Feeding


Introduction to African Clawed Frogs ... Tank care of African Dwarf Frogs is very simple. Please ... DO NOT use large marbles, river stones, etc with the dwarf frog.

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I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. ... Even with the fish removed, the disease has been introduced to the tank, and suddenly your poor ...

How to Add a Frog or a Crab to Your Freshwater Aquarium | Animals ...


Additionally, frogs and crabs should not be kept in the same aquarium, though the ... Perform a water change before introducing new animals to the aquarium.

African Dwarf Frog - Frog World


Watch videos and see why African Dwarf Frogs are such a popular pet for first- time frog ... They spice up the variety of species one can put in any tank aquarium . ... Now that should be pretty much an introduction on how to care for these frogs.

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May 9, 2009 ... Introducing my new African Dwarf Frogs to my Betta fish (of course... my cat ... can you keep a betta with an African dwarf frog and nothing will happen .... Now, I have an 80 gallon tank with lots of Cichlids and my cat just like to ...

Amphibians for Freshwater Aquariums: Dwarf African Frog

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Home > Freshwater Inverts and Amphibians > Dwarf African Frog ... African Frog is social in nature and will appreciate the company of other Dwarf African Frogs.

African Dwarf Frog Care | PetHelpful


Apr 17, 2011 ... Tank size-African dwarf frogs only grow to be about 1"-2" in length, so they don't .... Mystery snails are another great choice for a frog tank. .... I was told when introducing ADFs to a tank with a betta fish to make sure the betta ...

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Information about how to care for African dwarf frogs. ... Any new fish should be introduced gradually into such a tank, since the African dwarf frog is itself rather ...

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African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus curtipes) ... (A) African Dwarf Frogs can do well in a small aquarium (5 gallons or larger), but if housing a large number of ...

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How to Care for African Dwarf Frogs: 11 Steps


If you intend to have an unfiltered tank like a goldfish bowl, 1–2 gallons (3.8–7.6 L) per frog is ideal so you will not need to change the tanks water every couple ...

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African Dwarf Frogs can be kept with community fish. ... African Dwarf Frog hymenochirus curtipes ... Introduce new inhabitants to the aquarium gradually.

African Dwarf Frog Care Sheet | Exotic Pets Resources


A great choice for first time frog owners, African Dwarf Frogs are not hard to care ... A standard covered fish tank is perfect for these frogs, as long as the lid will stop ... when you introduce fish: if a fish is small enough for an African Dwarf Frog to ...