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Introducing my new African Dwarf Frogs to my Betta fish (of course ...


May 9, 2009 ... Introducing my new African Dwarf Frogs to my Betta fish (of course... my cat .... I see them jumping across the aquarium and just sitting in front when ... can you keep a betta with an African dwarf frog and nothing will happen.

African Dwarf Frog - Petco


Is an African dwarf frog the right choice for your aquarium? If you answered “Yes” to ... Housing African dwarf frogs should be kept in a 10-gallon or larger aquarium . The aquarium ... Introduce new fish to the aquarium gradually. Compatibility ...

How to Add a Frog or a Crab to Your Freshwater Aquarium | Animals ...


Additionally, frogs and crabs should not be kept in the same aquarium, though the ... Perform a water change before introducing new animals to the aquarium.

Dwarf Frog FAQ - African Dwarf Frog


Question: I have a few questions about the African Dwarf Frogs before I will consider buying one. Do they need bubbles to aerate the water? Will they get along ...

African Dwarf Frog - AC Tropical Fish


The African dwarf frogs need to be kept in a large tank of 10-gallon or more. ... fish should be introduced gradually into such a tank, since the African dwarf frog is ...

Pet profile: African dwarf frogs - SheKnows


Dec 13, 2012 ... African dwarf frogs need around a gallon of water to live in. If you have a large freshwater tank, the frogs should not be introduced to a big ... Wild Creations carries frog habitats that fully sustain two African dwarf frogs without ...

Betta Tank Mates: African Dwarf Frogs | Betta Fish Care - Nippyfish.net


Sep 11, 2006 ... Do African Dwarf frogs make good tank mates for bettas? ... When other tank mates are introduced it is easy for their nutritional needs to be overlooked. ... witness to involved an African Dwarf Frog and a male Betta splenden.

African Dwarf Frogs & Bettas | Betta Fish Care - Nippyfish.net


Mar 2, 2011 ... African Dwarf Frogs & Bettas | Betta Fish Care for Fighting Fish Enthusiasts. ... isn' t moving and often it falls to the tank floor unnoticed until the frog stirs it up. ... When other tank mates are introduced it is easy for their nutritional ...

A guide on raising African Dwarf Frogs with pictures and forum


Dec 14, 2014 ... A guide on keeping African dwarf frogs; The article includes tips on breeding, ... Resized image of African dwarf frog, 1 Resized image of African dwarf .... and instantly seemed very stressed once it was introduced to the tank.

African Dwarf Frog - Frog World


There's nothing visually spectacular about African Dwarf frogs. Certainly ... The exception is their weird floating habit when in the water called the “Zen position. ... Now that should be pretty much an introduction on how to care for these frogs.

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African Dwarf Frog Housing and Feeding


Introduction to African Clawed Frogs · African Clawed ... Tank care of African Dwarf Frogs is very simple. Please allow one gallon of water per frog. They are not ...

Meet my Frogs : African Dwarf Frogs - Frogland


I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. ... Even with the fish removed, the disease has been introduced to the tank, and suddenly your poor ...

How to Care for African Dwarf Frogs: 11 Steps (with Pictures)


However, do include some structure along the bottom of the tank, some nook or cranny, where the frog can hide. African Dwarf Frogs are sensitive to vibrations ...

African Dwarf Frog Care Sheet | Exotic Pets Resources


A great choice for first time frog owners, African Dwarf Frogs are not hard to care for, ... If taken out of water, this lifespan suddenly becomes around 20 minutes, .... when you introduce fish: if a fish is small enough for an African Dwarf Frog to eat  ...

Amphibians for Freshwater Aquariums: Dwarf African Frog


Home > Freshwater Inverts and Amphibians > Dwarf African Frog ... African Frog is social in nature and will appreciate the company of other Dwarf African Frogs.