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How to Keep a Cast Iron Kettle From Rusting
Cast iron cookware is chosen for its durability and even heating. If properly cared for, your cast iron will last a lifetime. Cast iron kettles are used for heating water. Allowing the water to stand in the kettle for extended periods of time invites the... More »
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Inside of Cast Iron Tea Kettle is Rusting - Finishing


We love this cast iron tea kettle and it is perfect for wood stove use. Any suggestions on how to get rust out and keep it out so we may continue to use it would be ...



Jun 22, 2012 ... Let's see if this old rusted kettle can come back to life.

Cast Iron Teapot Care Instructions - The Republic of Tea


Mar 15, 2010 ... Proper care of a cast iron teapot will afford you a lifetime of use. ... If rust bothers you, clean the rusted area with a soft brush, then fill the pot with ...

Clean and Refurbish Cast Iron - Hobby Farms


Learn how to clean cast iron and refurbish a rusty, old cast iron pot to a shimmering black, useable kitchen ... The more rust on the cast-iron pan, the longer it will need to soak. ... A well-seasoned cast-iron pot is not difficult to keep clean. ... how do I clean a cast iron kettle that has an enamel coating on the outside? Elizabet...

Why don't I have to season my cast-iron teapot? - Seasoned Advice


The interior of a cast iron tea kettle is often rust-proofed through ... hard water, will build a coating of lime scale that will keep rust at bay. Another ...

How to Clean Rust From a Cast Iron Kettle | eHow


Cast iron kettles and other container vessels are especially prone to rusting if any ... moisture is left to stand in their bottom when the kettle is not in use. Keep...

how can i stop cast iron tea pot rusting? | Yahoo Answers


Jun 16, 2011 ... The safest method to remove thick severe nasty rust from most cast iron cookware or tea kettle is simple sandblasting then rinse & re season.

Japanese Cast Iron Kettle: Nanbu Tetsubin : HOJO TEA


The Cast Iron Kettle: called a "Tetsubin" in Japanese, has been produced in Japan for hundreds of years. ... If they stop spinning, then water will become ice. ... Cast iron teapots will not rust thanks to their interior enamel coating, however cast ...

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Q: How to Keep a Cast Iron Kettle From Rusting.
A: 1. Wash a new kettle in hot soapy water to remove the coating that is applied for shipping purposes. However, do not use soap on a seasoned kettle. 2. Heat the ... Read More »
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Q: How to Clean Rust From a Cast Iron Kettle.
A: Cast iron utensils will last almost forever if cared for properly. If exposed to standing water or left moist, they may rust. Cast iron kettles and other contai... Read More »
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Q: How do I keep my cast iron pots from rusting?
A: Never, never use soap to clean cast iron products. Soap is not recommended because it will break down the protective covering and will get into the pores of the... Read More »
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Q: How do I keep my Dutch oven cast iron pans from not rusting when ...
A: put Crisco oil all over the cast iron pans & place them on the fire coals to season and let it bake into the pan this will help the pans not to rust also store ... Read More »
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Q: How to cleaan rust from inside cast iron tea kettle
A: If you can get your hand inside of it...try an SOS pad. For the spout use an old toothbrush...if the rust is bad in the spout you could tear some of the SOS pad... Read More »
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