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How to Keep a Puppy From Biting His Tail
A puppy will bite humans and other puppies out of aggression, instinct, curiosity or a sense of play. When a puppy begins to bite itself, particularly its own tail, many owners will assume that it is a game or the puppy is simply eccentric. This tail... More »
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Dog Chewing Tail - Vetinfo.com


If the causes of tail chewing haven't been determined, the dog may receive a lamp shade collar which will stop him from chewing his tail and allow the wounds  ...

Why do dogs chase their tails? | Cesar's Way


If your dog is compulsively chasing his tail, he can cause serious damage by biting and chewing on it when he finally does catch it. Dogs have been known to  ...

7 Reasons Dogs Chase Their Tails - Round and Round She Goes!


Feb 21, 2012 ... We could keep going around in circles all day, but here are 7 good reasons your dog may be chasing his tail -- and how you can stop it. ... Luckily, he never tries to bite it off — once he catches it, he lets go, takes a little break, ...

How can I help my dog with an itchy, licky tail wound? - Chewing ...


... as of late) dog licked and chewed his tail so much today that there is ... Is there anything I can do tonight to stop the itching so we can both ...

Tail Biting 3rd time to Vet not sure what to do! - Dogs - MedHelp


Oct 4, 2010 ... I have researched a lot on this tail biting and I have taken my dog to the Vet 3xs. ... My dog keeps biting the tip of his tail as if it were ve...[more].

Myu dog is biting his tail? what can we do? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 27, 2006 ... We also tried cutting a hole in a bucket and using that but it still won't work copz he can still reach his tail. What canw e do to stop him biting his ...

Tail chasing - Does your dog chase their tail? - Vetwest Animal ...


If you find you cannot distract your dog from chasing his or her tail, or you think it's become ... Other superficial conditions such as skin irritation or parasite bites (eg. fleas) may also cause the behaviour. ... Tips to stop dogs chasing their tails.

How to Stop a Dog From Biting His Tail (with Pictures) | eHow


How to Stop a Dog From Biting His Tail. A dog can start displaying the compulsive behavior of biting his tail for many reasons. It may start with a skin problem ...

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Dogs and Compulsive Scratching, Licking, and Chewing ... At your wit's end over your dog biting his own tail? If you think you're uncomfortable, imagine how ...

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Purchase an Elizabethan collar to keep your dog from biting on his tail. While this lamp-shade collar may be frustrating for your dog to wear, it is an effective ...

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While Rover entertaining himself by chasing and biting his tail may appear ... Also keep an eye out for possible wounds, swelling, crusts, bleeding, odor or pus in ...

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Feb 24, 2015 ... At one time or another, most puppies or dogs chase or bite their tails. ... Stimulate your dog mentally…it keeps their mind off their tail!

What Does It Mean When a Puppy Bites Its Tail? | Dog Care - The ...


Not all puppies necessarily bite their tails as a form of play. Some pups may be actually chasing and gnawing on their tails because of a local irritation. Allergies  ...