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Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the car. It has been known to keep cats away, and you don't even need to sprinkle it on the car, though that might be even more  ...


Apr 18, 2016 ... Rubber snakes are cheap and easy to keep in your car. Placing rubber snakes on the hood and trunk of your car should scare away cats.


I'm willing to spend some money to keep the cats off the car, and i'm willing to spend up to 5 minutes setting up and/or removing some sort of ...


Apr 8, 2010 ... The neighbor's cats frequently jump up on our car, leaving paw prints and scratches everywhere. Do you know of a humane way to keep them ...

May 23, 2009 ... I hate cats every day clean it, then in the next day getting dirty by cats ...... they love sitting in the car especially when the weather is so hot in the ...


I hope this doesn't seem like a stupid topic. Anyway, the cats in my apartment complex like to use the hood of my car as a body warmer on cool


Keep Cats off Cars. Cat sunning itself on top of a car. Cat paw prints all over your car! Not again! Worse still, you can see fine scratches in the paint work.


My main problem was cats getting on my car - (no garden' problems) so I ... start using it around our plants/garden as well next spring to keep out cats & rabbits.


Jan 7, 2012 ... How to keep stray cats off my car. Ways of keeping cats off my car. ... to protect a car from cats. Keeping cats off the hood or roof of a car is easy.