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Gravel can be quite attractive to cats -- after all, it does look a lot like cat litter. Unless you're willing to get rid of the giant litter box, your other option is to convince ...

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The gravel driveway area had a pile of leaves and trash that was the cat's ... It is to keep away cats and other critters but it costs a lot of we found ...

Anyone have a good homemade recipe to deter cats pooping (m ...


Aug 21, 2006 ... We use pieces of wire mesh to move cats off their favorite spots. .... by an 8' wide mixed border so the dog had to come up my driveway to get to the lawn) just the other day. ..... So, that's my recipe for keeping cats away.

Neighborhood Cats | Keeping cats out of gardens and yards


Not everyone wants cats playing in their yard or digging in their garden. Keeping the cats away from areas where they're not welcome is an important way to ...

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When stray or feral cats keep wondering in your neighborhood, you sure want to ... detected, such as driveways and sidewalks where passers-by can set it off. 4 ...

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Jun 23, 2011 ...   One Way to Keep Outdoor Cats and Dogs Off Your Property ... area, off leash dogs do their business on my loose gravel-rock driveway.

3 Ways to Prevent Cats from Pooping in the Garden - wikiHow


May 14, 2015 ... If you want to keep cats away from a certain plant, the spray is easier. You will need to renew this when you see cats coming back in your yard.

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This Domestic Cat Granules really works to keep the cats out. I told my ... After using Shake-Away I can only smell the flowers and my doormat is free of cat hair.

Stop cats from crapping in your yard - HubPages


Sep 12, 2006 ... Do you have strange neighborhood cats crapping in your yard? ..... pissed off at yet another attack on the grass and on the cement driveway.

Natural Ways to Keep Cats From Pooping in Your Garden


One natural way to keep cats from pooping in gardens is to use chicken wire (I explain how here). ... A motion sensor detects the intruder's presence, and Cat Stop then gives off its high-frequency sound, scaring off the ... It's a striking driveway.

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Jun 15, 2008 ... The smell will keep the cats from pawing the area. Ad ... right next to my front door on the cement porch, they poop on our cement driveway and sidewalks. ... He would lay all over our towels, rub his fur off on the fence, etc.

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A portion of my driveway (with the detached garage) is also fenced .... Always works well for keeping cats away from outdoor marijuana grows.

How To Keep Cats From Using the Lawn As a Litter Box? — Good ...


Sep 23, 2010 ... Q: Our neighborhood cats have decided that our lawn and backyard are ... and the chasing the cats off the lawn/yard/driveway/property thing...