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A lie is a statement that the stating party believes to be false and that is made with the intention ..... what is known as Machiavellian intelligence, is at the age of about four and a half years, ...

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Make peace with your decision to lie. Lying convincingly means you've already faced any nervous, moral or ethical hurdles, and decided for yourself that the lie ...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... Just like the fact that even the most decent of people on the face of earth tell lies, it is a fact as well that not everybody can tell lies convincingly.

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Oct 23, 2014 ... Lying is considered a bad thing, but ask anyone to justify a lie they've told and they probably can. When and where you should lie is your call, ...

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Mar 24, 2013 ... Lying, the deliberate attempt to mislead someone, is a processes that we all engage in at some time or another. Indeed research has found that ...

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Jul 7, 2011 ... Lies that "bend the truth" are generally more convincing, and require less cognitive effort, than those that involve fabricating an entire story.

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Apr 23, 2015 ... As long as you believe your own lie its tough to catch you. ... Also, convincing those around you that you're awful at lying lets you get away with ...

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Do you have a passion for lying? Are you good at lying? Some people are, other people aren't. That's just the way it is. Good liars get away with everything.

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As Sheldon Cooper wisely puts it "The key to a well crafted lie lies in the details". The more minute and elaborate are the details, the more convincing it s...

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Sep 18, 2015 ... The technique may be effective – but it also appears to help people to lie more convincingly. Iris Blandón-Gitlin of California State University in ...

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May 3, 2010 ... One of the reasons most people make bad liars is that they find lying a deeply unpleasant activity...

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Jan 18, 2012 ... To make your lies more believable, pair them up with half-truths or ... lie is true, the more convincing you will seem when you actually tell your lie.

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Oct 15, 2012 ... By utilizing misdirection, you can lead others to believe a lie without ever telling ... Brian loves Candice") can help you sound more convincing.