How to Loosen a Bobbin Thread
"Tension" is a scary word for people who sew. It is not about the stress from a project; it is about the stress on the thread itself. "Tension" refers to how the machine keeps the threads from the needle and bobbin under control as they work through the... More »
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Bobbin Thread Breaking | How to Loosen Bobbin Tension

Loosen the bobbin tension by turning the bobbin tension screw by 1/4 turn. Turn to the left (counter clockwise). That should take care of it. Many machines are ...

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In this case, it might be necessary to loosen both the bobbin tension AND the upper tension. By loosening both the top and bobbin tensions, both sides of the ... To Loosen A Bobbin Thread&v=TaH9yB7XUBk
Feb 26, 2007 ... In this video you will Understanding Bobbin Tension Get the ... I checked the bobbin tension and it let 3 inches of thread out with each simple ...

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Nov 2, 2008 ... The bobbin-spring screw regulates bobbin-thread tension, whether your ... bobbin case, and start moving the screw in quarter-turns to loosen or ... To Loosen A Bobbin Thread&v=9ekWAnJDt5I
Aug 24, 2013 ... You can see here, with the loose thread tension, if you flip it over, the bobbin thread is pulling the top thread through because the top thread is ...

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Are you using a bobbin as a spool (which can interfere with the thread flow)? ... too many adjustments with the screw in the bobbin could make it loosen it's grip.

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If you've tightened the top thread extensively and are still not seeing results, then also loosen the bobbin tension so that the top thread can pull the bobbin thread ...

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Bobbin thread's appearance on top of the piece you are sewing could mean a ... Turning the screw a tiny bit counterclockwise will loosen the bobbin tension; ...

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Q: How to Loosen a Bobbin Thread.
A: 1. Rule out all other possible causes of your problem. Check to make sure the machine is threaded correctly. Check for lint build-up or stray threads. Be sure y... Read More »
Q: How to Thread a Kenmore Bobbin.
A: 1. Bring thread from your spool to the bobbin winder tension disc, most often located to the left of your spool of thread. The bobbin winder tension disc will b... Read More »
Q: How do you thread a bobbin?
A: First, you'll need to wind the bobbin (which means you'll need to put thread on it) To do so: First, you'll need to place your spool of thread on the spool post... Read More »
Q: How to thread the bobbin?
A: 1. Secure thread on sewing machine as if you were threading machine and pass thread end along indicated thr... Read More »
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A: I think this is a free manual for the machine, just click on the link Read More »