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How to Clean and Care for White Gold Rings - Jewelry Notes


Maintaining white gold rings is a bit trickier compared with caring for rings made of yellow gold or platinum. The reason has to do with how white gold is made: It ...

How to care for your engagement ring - Vashi.com


The care and cleaning of your diamond engagement ring is important; engagement ... Platinum and White Gold engagement rings won't tarnish, but may be ...

How Often Does a White Gold Ring Need to be Rhodium Plated?


White Gold Diamond Rings: Pros and Cons, and Proper Care


Clean your white gold diamond rings in soapy water, adding a little ammonia. If you don't want to risk accidental scratching get your white gold diamond rings ...

Discoloration of White Gold rings - Finishing


Q. I purchased a white gold ring in September of 2000. At the time .... I have worn my wedding rings for these 51 years and do not clean with them on. I also have ...

How to Clean White Gold - How to Clean Things


White gold has become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. I have a lot of friends that will only wear gold if it is white, mostly because of the ...

How to Clean White Gold: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Clean White Gold. White gold is gold that has been plated with a rhodium coating. While white gold jewelry is not difficult to care for, it does require ...

Caring for Your Engagement Ring - Engagement Rings - LoveToKnow


Oct 30, 2011 ... Includes: • Protecting your engagement ringRing cleaning tips • Tips for ... White gold engagement rings require periodic reapplication of the ...

White Gold Engagement Rings - LoveToKnow


Apr 16, 2011 ... Reading gold markings • Pros of white gold engagement rings • Cons of ... be replaced every one to five years to maintain a brilliant white color.

How often will my white gold ring need to be rhodium plated? - Knox ...


Jul 27, 2007 ... Nearly all white gold jewelry sold in the U.S. market is rhodium plated. ... for a complete polishing, cleaning, and Rhodium plating of a ring.

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How to Maintain a White Gold Wedding Band - Bliss Rings


Dec 27, 2009 ... White gold wedding bands are lighter weight than platinum wedding bands and stronger and more durable and more scratch resistant than ...

How to Maintain a White Gold Ring | LEAFtv


White gold is a popular metal for rings and other fine jewelry. With good care, you can keep a white gold ring looking beautiful, but it sometimes requires ...

How to Clean White Gold Diamond Rings | LEAFtv


White gold diamond rings are known for their clean look and brilliant luster. However, over time, that shine can begin to fade if the ring gets covered in ...