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How to Make a Dog Deodorizer
Your dog may be your buddy, but you probably don't want it to come close to you when it stinks. Bathing your dog will get rid of the smell, but it's hard to give your pooch a bath every day. A little freshening up is all that is needed. Pet stores sell... More »
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From the smelly dog to the anxious dog to the downright dirty, there's a recipe for that! Check out these simple essential oil recipes - safe for your dog!


EASY Homemade Dog Odor Spray - keep them smelling good between baths! All natural and easy to ... Dog Deodorizing Spray 1. Fill the bottle halfway with ...

Jan 10, 2016 ... Today I'll be showing you how to make a dog deodorizing spray from ingredients you have at your house.


Dog smell is something you have to deal with day in and day out, especially if your dog has a thick ... First of all, you should not put baby oil down a dogs ear!!


It's not easy to have your best friend close by when he smells like a dog—even if he really is one. You can reduce that offensive odor by mixing up a simple ...


Jan 18, 2008 ... This deodorizing method is handy for giving your dog a fresh scent during travel or when she's not feeling well. Making the baking soda ...


Aug 26, 2009 ... Natural Ways to Make a Dog Smell Better ... The best natural deodorizer is proper care and a healthy dog who needs no special odor control.


Baking soda is the basis of many homemade pet deodorizers, and, in fact, you ... Test a hidden area of carpets or furniture, to make sure they're colorfast, then ...