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A Statue plinth is obtained after completing the Dahmaroc statue from Shattered Heart for the first time. This allows players to build a replica statue of Dahmaroc ...


After the statue here is built, a player may build one in their player owned house as well. If you have lost your statue plinth, you can retrieve another by speaking ...


The Dahmaroc statue is built on the Statue plinth located in the Varrock Museum ... You will get experience for every pair of strange rocks you add from one skill.


Feb 9, 2013 ... 30 replica parts allow you to create your own statue in you POH Study. ... talk to Auron Ithell located at the tower of voices, near the statue plinth.

Jan 1, 2011 ... After 30 long weeks, I have completed the Dahmaroc statue in my house. Nothing special happened, like I thought it might (like Dahmaroc's ...


Aug 14, 2012 ... If you have a Statue collection bag in your inventory, any Strange ... After you finish your dialogue with them, click on the plinth in front of the ...


Jan 2, 2016 ... It allows players to build a mansion with up to 33 rooms, build ..... also add the plinth and statue replica pieces from Shattered Heart minigame.


Statue Plinth; Replica Pieces ... The archeologists can also make it so you do not receive rocks while training if you like and can supply you with a Statue list to ...


You will earn Construction XP for building each of these statues as well as Prayer XP .... Veliaf mentions a plinth but I don't see one anywhere.