Chili powder is an effective dog repellent when sprinkled around the property. Chili peppers contain capsicum, which irritates the dog's skin, especially near the...

How to Make Dog Repellents
Dogs are a joy to have as pets -- but repellents are necessary sometimes to keep bad behavior at bay. Dogs may dig in the yard where they are not supposed to or go to the bathroom in inappropriate places. Puppies, in particular, are known for gnawing on... More »
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Whatever the reasons you want to keep a dog away, there are many dog repellants that are easy and cheap to make at home. All of the repellents listed below ...

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Dog owners love their pets, often treating four-legged friends as members of the family. However, dogs, including those that are uninvited, can cause serious ...

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Jul 10, 2013 ... Natural, safe & effective: http://www.chipptips.com/dogrepellent An effective dog deterrent can make life much easier for all those suffering ...

How to Make Your Own Dog & Cat Repellent at Home - Pets


Or is your own doggie suddenly marking his territory all over the house and yard? There's no need to buy expensive pet repellents -- you can make your own at ...

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Mar 31, 2015 ... Dogs are a very popular house pet but they are not always the best things for our garden. There are many natural and organic methods to keep ...

How to Make Dog Repellent for Furniture - Pets


... can be a challenge, and the pet repellents in stores often are expensive and full of chemicals. Making your own dog-safe furniture repellent is easy and ...

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As much as we love them, dogs can cause quite a few problems around the home. They have a natural instinct to chew, they love our furniture as much as we do ...

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Q: How to Make Dog Repellent for Furniture
A: Sprays Spray repellents contain scents the dog doesn't like to be around, causing it to avoid the area or furniture. What scents work depend on the dog's taste ... Read More »
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Q: How to Make Dog Repellent for Mulch.
A: 1. Mix hot chile sauce and water together to make a repellent spray. Spray this on the ground around your plants and it will discourage your dog from chewing th... Read More »
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Q: How to make a dog repellent?
A: what you dont have 10 bucks for a canister. probably the next best thing would he very hot scotch bonnet sauce in a spray bottle on the mist setting. Read More »
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Q: How to Make Homemade Dog Repellent?
A: Dogs dig garden soil for several reasons, may be to catch insects or to enjoy cool soil underneath the top layer. The worst part with puppies as well as mature ... Read More »
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Q: Does anybody know how to make a homeade dog repellent spray?
A: I agree.housebreak your dog. Repellants are made to repel. But if you must repel.go to your local zoo and see if, in their gift shop, they sell wolf urine or li... Read More »
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