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Dec 27, 2013 ... Adding a little fun to a fitness routine can keep participants motivated, and more likely to exercise more effectively.


Feb 17, 2015 ... Yes, it's possible to make exercise feel less like a chore—science says so.


Mar 6, 2017 ... Exercise can be boring and repetitive. But it doesn't have to be.


EVERY SINGLE DECISION you make can take you closer or further away from your .... This is a fun activity that builds up serious arm and core strength and will  ...


Say good-bye to dreading the gym. With these easy and effective exercise strategies, workouts will feel faster and more fun than ever.


These tips will help you start an exercise routine that you'll enjoy and stick to. ... take to make exercise less intimidating and painful and more fun and instinctive.


Do you dread your workouts? Find an activity you really enjoy and you will stick to it and have fun.


Feb 4, 2016 ... Are you finding yourself in a rut? You're doing the same fitness routine over and over again, and going to the gym just isn't what it used to be.


Aug 28, 2017 ... Fad diets don't work. The only easy button to maintain a healthy body is working out. Learn how to take the work out of it and make exercise fun.