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Pet Rock is a collectible conceived in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahl ( entrepreneur) Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico's Rosarito Beach.


They probably already have their OWN names..but haven't told me! I suppose if I were to name a "rock" I'd call it Stoner (character in a book I once read...she ...


The pet rock (Petrus petrus) is considered by many to be the most fascinating pet of ... Common Names, Rocky, Rocks, Rockstar, Rock 'n roll, The Rock, Stone, ...


Name it after a mineral. Olive (Olivine) (green). Amethyst (purple). Amber (yellow) . Aquamarine (greenish, technically beryl). Azurite (Blue). Cinnabar (pink/red).


Jun 19, 2014 ... In this article I'll show how you and your kids can create a pet rock and do fun .... Also, check out the pet name generator from Bow Wow Meow.


You should also determine your pet's "gender". Don't call a boy rock Petal unless you really want to. If you can't decide, think of whatever name you like, boy or ...


I made my own rock pet in Kindergarten so why not pass on the fun? Mine had one eye and a feather for hair. Have your kids collect rocks and paint them ...

Feb 13, 2016 ... So I got a pet rock. His name is gravel. Don't judge him or Jenn the Pen... He is waking up rubbing his eyes yawning then just hanging out.


Pick Your Pet. Pretend you're at a pet store and have your kids select their ideal pet rock from the pile: what shape, size and color should it be? 2. Give It a Name.