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Dec 19, 2013 ... Birding listservs keep you up to date on notable finds, but they're too scattershot to map out a trip. Then there's eBird, with its database of 150 ...


Mar 28, 2013 ... Planning a trip? One the great joys of birdwatching is that there are birds nearly everywhere in the world. Admittedly, some areas are better are ...


Travel. 8 Great Fall Birding Trails. Autumn migration season is here. Millions of birds are on the wing, covering thousands of miles across oceans and continents.


A fall or winter visit is great both for the birds and the weather! ... one cannot see all of the birds that southeast Arizona offers in just one trip or at one season. ... start in the lowlands followed by higher-elevation birding is the best plan of action .


Apr 20, 2017 ... If this is going to be a birding trip, then plan your accommodations to be close to your target species. Look at a destination's bird checklist before ...


Sep 15, 2011 ... The savvy fall birder plans carefully both when and where to look for .... in seeing birds engage in morning flight (e.g. continued migration or ...


Picture a sky blanketed with birds this fall and winter erupting into flight, filling the ... Use this 2016 festival brochure (PDF) to help you plan your visit then come ...


You'll even find quality birding on wetlands and beaches right in town. ... Plan & Book Your Dream Trip. 907-277- ..... In the fall, parts of the lagoon and Solomon River wetlands turn white with huge groups of swans preparing for fall migration.


Alaska boasts some of the world's most unique birds. ... and coho salmon arrive in late-July and remain throughout early fall with the best ..... Trip Planning Help.