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A white elephant gift exchange or Yankee swap is a party game where white elephant gifts are ... For example, after the third gift on a turn is stolen, the fourth player may be required to open a wrapped gift. An exception may be made for the last ...


The Yankee Swap makes traditional gift giving fun and exciting, perfect for the ... The most popular version of the White Elephant or Yankee Swap Rules say any ... One variation of the game requires two decks of playing cards to determine the  ...


The Yankee Swap is a fun holiday gift giving party game. ... The most popular version of the Yankee Swap Rules or White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules ... Each player picks from a hat a number from one up to the total number of participants.


Yankee Swap Rules & Yankee Swap Gift Ideas White Elephant Christmas Party Game ..... The hostess read this poem as the kids played the exchange game.


White Elephant Gift Exchange Poem Game - Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas, .... This game is a blast to play at an Christmas or holiday party! ... Craft Fabulous: DIY Grinch Pills (aka: green tic tacs) It's that time of year ...... Yankee Swap Rules  ...


Dec 22, 2014 ... There are many different types of gift exchanges, and a dizzying variety of rules. ... Depending on the company you play with, it could devolve into this classic ... How It Works: It is very similar to White Elephant and Yankee Swap, .... that's because it's the voice of the narrator, a.k.a. Adult Ralphie, who also ...


Dec 7, 2015 ... Some time before the gift exchange, take all the participants names and write them on ... White Elephant (a.k.a. "Dirty Santa") ... Once everyone's in place and ready to play, draw numbers to see who goes first. ... Silly, Off-Beat White Elephant Gifts for Maximum Laughs ... aka Yankee Swap (white elephant).


Nov 12, 2010 ... Dirty Santa Rules, How to End Dirty Santa, White Elephant Gift Exchange. ... How To Play Dirty Santa At Your Next Holiday Gathering.


Dec 26, 2015 ... Yankee Swap, Black Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Thieving Secret Santa ... Case in point: White Elephant (a.k.a. Yankee Swap, Black Santa, ... and the thrill of playing is actually even more of a present than the ...