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Put 1-5 balls on the trampoline with 1-5 people trying to avoid them. ... If you want to put a bit of a spin on this game and use your ...


You can find more proprioceptive sensory play ideas at the 6 Days of ... In this trampoline game, the kids pretend that the balls are poison and jump while trying  ...


Playing games on trampoline is not only fun activity, it is full blown exercise ... A soft ball iѕ thrown аt thе people оn thе trampoline frоm thе people оn thе ground.


Feb 1, 2017 ... Rules: Flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to decide who flips first. The first ... Dodge-Ball-Trampoline-games-Franchise-Rockin-Jump.


This game is very similar to dodge ball. However, all players are inside the trampoline and only one ball is used. The ball is placed ...

Nov 19, 2012 ... 1 person games to play on the trampoline - Duration: 7:00. Meredith Franklin 4,213 views · 7:00. CRAZY TRAMPOLINE FLIPS INTO POOL!


Jun 4, 2015 ... The kids love playing a ton of different fun trampoline games with it. ... Here are 12 awesomely fun trampoline games for kids to try this summer:.


Keep your backyard party jumping with these cool trampoline games. ... When play begins, the teams inside must throw the balls out of while the team outside ...


IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR TRAMPOLINE GAMES, PLEASE SEND US ... Drawing in the lightly fallen snow on your trampoline is a fun way to play with your ... Put five balls in the trampoline then you and your friends start jumping around.


Sep 20, 2016 ... A soft, bouncing ball is needed, such as a basketball or volley ball, to play this game. Two or more people stand in the middle of the trampoline ...