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How to Prevent My Guinea Pigs From Throwing Bedding Everywhere


Many guinea pig owners use a loose cage filling that is sold at pet stores. ... can keep their cage a little more orderly and leave less of a mess from filling ... and will keep much more bedding from being tossed outside the cage when your cavy ...

5 Common Mistakes Guinea Pig Owners Make | PetHelpful


Feb 23, 2016 ... My guinea pigs are brothers who have been cagemates for life, and I ..... It really helped to keep the mess at bay. .... In the meantime, make sure your piggy is getting lots of time outside of the cage daily to run around :) ...

How to Clean your Guinea Pig Cage - Cleaning Tips


What to do with the pigs during cage cleaning? ... of the cage. No lifting of the grids creating a mess. ... It all depends on your particular setup, how many pigs you have, their urine and poop output and location, the age of the guinea pigs, etc.

Guinea Pig housing - The Guinea Pig Website


Guinea Pigs can live either outside or indoors. ... A lot of people keep Guinea Pigs with Rabbits. ... I have a hay rack in the Guinea Pigs cage also so they have fresh hay to eat that's not been soiled. ... Guinea Pigs are not fussy and pee in them so it soon becomes a soggy mess of pee and poop so they must be cleaned out .....

How do you stop a guinea pig from going pee outside of their cage ...


Aug 2, 2009 ... How do you stop a guinea pig from going pee outside of their cage so often? ... Fleece will not make near as much mess as bedding, because it ...

Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning - Abyssinian Guinea Pig Tips


Dec 11, 2014 ... What's the fastest and easiest way to clean a guinea pig cage? ... With one or two guinea pigs and wood shavings or recycled paper ... the cage until one day, you notice the smell and the mess and think, “Oh crap! ... When you wash the food dish and water bottles, try not to use heavily-scented dish soap.

Is Fleece Bedding Right for Me? - Guinea Pig Market


... a cage using fleece, it will turn into a disgusting and unhealthy mess for your guinea ... Regular detergent may leave residue on the material and prevent the wicking ... While we do pre-wash both our outer fleece casings as well as the absorbent ... That is, using Fleece Flippers™ in combination with our Cavy Cafe - Cage ...

Guinea Pig Accessories - Small Pets - LoveToKnow


The right accessories can turn your guinea pig's cage into a comfy home. ... inside or outside of your pet's cage with the sipper tube inserted through the bars. ... The right feeders can reduce this problem and keep your pet's cage tidier and his ... A litter pan can really help contain the mess, and you can also save on th...

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Jan 23, 2014 ... 11 Tips to Spotless Fleece Bedding for Your Guinea Pig ... At first glance, the resulting mess looks daunting. Hay ... Keep a second set of bedding on hand for full cage changes. ... She said she lived in there for all her 2 years but would go in an outside area on the grass with some other piggies she has.

Living with Guinea Pig Allergies - Petfinder


Learn the symptoms of guinea pig allergies and suggestions for handling guinea ... Take the cage OUTSIDE to clean it if possible! ... Keep extra hay OUTSIDE!

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Using Fleece For Bedding in Your Guinea Pig Cage | PetHelpful


Feb 5, 2016 ... Cleaning a guinea pig cage has never been easier! ... stick to the fleece, which will produce odor faster and leave you with a bigger mess. ... Hook these to the outside of your cage, and then hang your lint roller and hand broom from them. ... Keep a scrap of fleece in the cage at all times and never wash it.

Guinea Pig Bedding - Small Animal Channel


Apr 13, 2009 ... How to keep guinea pig bedding in the cage. ... the budget, then place clean 2- inch strips of cardboard around the outside of the cage. ... ways I have seen folks combat the mess from guinea pigs that like to kick out bedding.

Fleece's Dirty Little Secret - Guinea Pig Today


Jan 20, 2012 ... Alas, their guinea pigs' cage didn't look at all like the photographs online. ... any offending mess is magically cropped or Photoshopped out of the shot. ... not go well, and currently I take them out and shake them outside, but it's messy. ... These problems can be avoided if a barrier is used to prevent d...