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Apr 15, 2008 ... How to use the bike rack on the front of the bus. ... I've always thought it courteous to load your bike into the second, inner spot on the rack if you're ... I decided to take the bus but it was my first time putting a bike on the bus.


See Metro's lost & found for instructions on finding a lost bike. Loading your ... How to load your bike ... Loading your bike onto a Metro bus Bikes, Buses & Safety.


Remove large baggage, such as panniers, from your bicycle before loading your bicycle on the rack. All baggage must accompany you on the bus.


How to Load Your Bike on the Bus. Every TriMet bus is equipped with a bike rack on the front that can hold two bikes. Bikes are not allowed inside buses unless ...


Metro's bicycle policy on buses allows non-collapsible, conventional operational bicycles, as well as ... It is not necessary to lean your bicycle against the bus.


Call Lost & Found at 612-373-3333 if you have left your bicycle on a bus or train. Metro Transit is not liable for damage to bicycles, except if Metro Transit is ...


Aug 20, 2014 ... Pick up your bike, and place the front tire in the hole marked "Front Wheel Here." Put the other wheel in the other hole. Now look for a J-shaped ...


Bikes on Buses. Person putting a bike in a bike rack on the front of a TransLink bus in. Remember to tell the bus driver that you want to load or unload your bike.


Take your bike with you when you ride a bus. Our low-floor fleet is equipped with bike racks on the front bumper with enough room for two bikes. If you're taking ...