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It's very difficult to hand raise a baby rat (or mouse) who is less than a week old (a pinkie who doesn't have any hair yet). The best option is to find a nursing rat to ...

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See the AFRMA Breeding Rats & Mice, Care and Guidelines book for more on orphans ... However, your chances of successfully raising newborns are not good .

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SUPPLIES. REHYDRATING SOLUTION - Lactated Ringers Solution from a vet or Pedialyte, a rehydrating solution for human infants found in the infant section of ...

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Oct 19, 2011 ... This litter of 8 Dumbo Rat babies, were separated from their mother when they were 1 week old, because she had begun eating them.

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Feb 8, 2016 ... If you have decided to breed your rats or have a pregnant female, you have to expect 8-15 babies, sometimes even more. However, first of all: ...

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0 - 2 days old: The babies are pink, no fur, no whiskers, and the ears are ...

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If Mom Rat won't nurse the babies, or, raising an orphan rat. Nutrition for baby rats. Socialize (tame) the babies immediately. Wean and sex baby rats no later ...

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Jul 19, 2004 ... Caring and Breeding - Pregnant Rats and their Litters ... You will need to keep it up to date with photos of your rats, babies available and give ...

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Rats have short lives and grow up very quickly. Baby rats -- kittens -- wean when they are about a month old. By the age of five weeks, they can already ...

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This article has care tips that are specific to adolescent rats. ... Baby shampoo; Mild Oatmeal shampoo; Kitten shampoo; Dishwashing liquid (tail or greasy back).