How to Rekindle Passion in Relationships
You may feel that your partner treats you like an old shoe. Perhaps you feel taken for granted. People in long-term relationships suffer if they are not careful. Passion can get buried under everyday demands. The fire that once burned may die out. You... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to Rekindle the Spark in Your Relationship - WebMD

The honeymoon may be over, but that doesn't have to mean the end of romance. Go on, break out of your relationship rut, reconnect with your partner, and fire ...

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Rekindling the Romance: 9 Secrets to Keeping the Spark in Your Relationship— Even When You Live Together. Sharing a bed, a bathroom and a closet can ...

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Jul 25, 2012 ... While sipping wine and enjoying the fresh air, he “invited” her to join him on this adventure to rekindle the passion in their relationship.

Passion, Desire, Love - Rekindle Your Relationship or Marriage - Sex

Whether it's your fifth date or your fifth anniversary, it's easy to lose the spark of passion. Avoid these desire deal-breakers and rekindle your romance.

How to rekindle sexual passion when the fire is dead

Jan 25, 2009 ... Wanda Hennig speaks to experts and the afflicted and offers tips on how to reignite the flames of passion in relationships.

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Feb 15, 2012 ... However, dwindling passion does not mean that a relationship is over. ... These six simple steps can help couples rekindle their old passion!

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Jan 31, 2012 ... As Valentine's Day approaches, leading love and sex expert Dr. Laura Berman offers a two-week program for renewing your romance.

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Jun 23, 2011 ... Once the first fires of love have cooled, life can get in the way of sex and romance in a long-term relationship. It takes work - and a plan - to ...

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Q: How to Rekindle the Passion in Your Relationship.
A: Marriage is a complex union of many different interactions. Most couples are not only partners, but they are parents, friends and lovers as well. When one of th... Read More »
Q: How to Rekindle a Passion for God.
A: 1. Examine any issues in your life that have driven you away from your close relationship with God. Some examples of these issues may be the death of a loved on... Read More »
Q: How to Rekindle a Troubled Relationship.
A: Instructions. Communicate frankly with your partner. Acknowledge that the relationship is on the rocks and that both of you want to rekindle it. Decide what nee... Read More »
Q: Is it possible to rekindle passion in a relationship?
A: I would say yes. Passion like anything else requires work, but fortunately not at hard of work as some other things. Think of the things that have excited or st... Read More »
Q: How to Rekindle a Relationship
A: 1 Compliment your partner. Unfortunately, being in a long-term relationship means eventually taking each other for granted and forgetting to do or say the sweet... Read More »