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Saturate a clean rag in the container. Use the rag to scrub off the latex paint. When the rag gets dirty, you can ...


Paint removal is best accomplished when you emulsify the latex that is the binder for the paint. A substance that works as an emulsifier will break up the material ...


A coat of paint is a cheap and easy way to give a room a new look. Use these latex paint stain removal techniques to make sure it stays that way.


Let's start with a few basic principles about removing paint from textiles. The first is to treat stains as quickly as possible, and hopefully before they dry in place.


Follow these steps to remove latex paint stains from household surfaces such as Acrylic Plastic, Bamboo, Cane, Ceramic Tile, Enamel, Glass, Paint (flat or gloss) ...


Mötsenböcker's LIFT OFF Latex Paint Remover should work, and is readily available in North ... I find that rubbing alcohol works quite well as a solvent for dried latex paint. ... How can I remove paint stains from a bathtub?


Mar 27, 2011 ... You can use a latex remover like gunk-off. Nasty stuff though. I've used it in the past. It WILL dissolve the dried latex paint, but it takes quite a ...


Apr 5, 2007 ... Our easy-to-use Stain Buster tool will tell you how to easily remove latex and acrylic paint stains from fabrics, carpet and upholstery.


Sep 26, 2011 ... With my pants, I rubbed the stain vigorously, then used my finger nail to scrape off the last few flecks of paint. I even tried it on an older pair of ...