How to Repel Chiggers
To repel chiggers, cover as much area of skin as possible, coat the skin with any type of oil, such as vegetable, olive, lavender or citronella oil, and sprinkle strong-smelling spices around an area. Keep chiggers off of the skin and away from the... More »
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Chiggers are commonly found on the tip of blades of grasses to catch a host, ... Application of repellent to the shoes, lower trousers and skin is also useful.

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It's summer again, the season when chiggers make cowards of us all. ..... It seems that this small amount of sulphur, ingested, will repel most ticks and chiggers.
One of the biggest myths or misconceptions about chiggers is that they can burrow under your skin and drink your blood. While nail polish isn't a good treatment for chigger bites, anything that can help control the itching can be helpful, including: apply your favorite... More »
By Vincent Iannelli, M.D., Guide

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While sulfur powder may not smell good, it helps to repel chiggers. Sprinkle it lightly on your shoes. This way, chiggers must be forced to cross the sulfur line in  ...

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Rosemary bread recipe - I don't have a bread machine...but I can adapt. How to Make Rosemary Skin Oil, which is a natural mosquito and chigger repellent.

Chigger Repellent Formulated with Essential Oils

Chigger repellent can be simple to make with essential oils. Learn what oils are effective against chiggers and how to make a homemade chigger spray.

Chigger Bug Bites – 10 Tips to Avoid Chigger Bites

Chigger bites are probably the itchiest bug bites you'll ever experience. These 10 tips will ... Use an insect repellent containing DEET on both skin and clothing.

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Chigger, Tick and Mosquito repellent. Guaranteed To Work; Deet-Free, All Natural and Non-Toxic. Heals poison ivy, sumac, and oak. Stops itching fast. Works as ...

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Q: How to Repel Chiggers
A: Chiggers, tiny biting insects, typically 1/20 of an inch in size, are commonly found in low,wet areas, near lakes and streams and in densely wooded locations. T... Read More »
Q: How to Repel Chiggers & Mites.
A: 1. Spray a chigger-repelling spray containing DEET on exposed skin, avoiding the face. Concentrate the repellent on the lower extremities, as chiggers jump from... Read More »
Q: How to Repel Chiggers Today.
A: Many today are thinking it is time to start thinking about repelling chiggers and ticks. The first best rule of repelling chiggers is to avoid them. Now, avoidi... Read More »
Q: How to Repel Chiggers Today
A: Many today are cerebration it is time to alpha cerebration about against chiggers and ticks. The first best aphorism of against chiggers is to abstain them. Now... Read More »
Q: How to use chigger repellents to get rid of chiggers from your pr...
A: Chiggers can be often found on weeds and tall grass, and in dense foliage, barks and leaves and also on straw and fences. Spring to fall during the warm season ... Read More »