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How to Repel Dog Hair
If you have dogs, cleaning up dog hair is probably a part of your everyday life. In addition to being a household annoyance, pet hair can irritate allergies and cause asthma attacks. The best way to avoid the constant cleanup is to prevent future... More »
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You'll be supposed at how much extra hair you get rid of! You can also use a dry rubber squeegee or rubber broom to lift up any pet hair from carpets. It will freak ...

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This is slightly off topic, but do you brush them at all? Brushing helps remove lose hair and cuts down on the shedding all over your furniture. I actually ...

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Aug 8, 2015 ... Pet parents know what we're talking about – there's not an outfit that doesn't have dog hair on it. Here's how to keep that extra layer off your ...

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As much as we love our furry friends, we could do without the mounds of hair our pets leave on the couch. And on the carpet. And all over our clothes.

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Apr 21, 2016 ... Dog hair and dog hair removal are a fact of life. It's one of those small inconveniences we accept as part of the doggy deal alongside muddy ...

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Here's a list of apparel materials ranked from least to most dog hair-attracting. ... Nylon (like the kind used for a windbreaker) repels hair, but nylon stockings and ...

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Our spray makes pet hair removal from carpets, clothing, upholstery, bedding, or automotive, much easier. This pet hair removal spray is very helpful in ...

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Jun 7, 2011 ... Best Tips for Getting Rid of Pesky Pet Hair ... pet-grooming vacuum cleaner attachments that make quick work of cleaning up loose pet hair.