How to Restore a Painted Brass Bed
An antique brass bed is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Just because the brass has been painted over does not mean it should be discarded. Restoring a painted brass bed to its original brass surface can seem like a daunting task, but with a little... More »
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Nov 8, 2014 ... How-To Clean An Antique Brass Bed. How ... How To Polish Brass And Other Metals To Shine Like New. - Duration: 5:30. by Redneck ...

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I just purchased an antique brass bed and I have used Brasso [linked by editor to product info at Amazon] and a combination of lemon and salt to clean it.

Brass bed refinishing and cleaning

Ongoing discussion on The Home Page of the Finishing Industry®: Brass bed refinishing and cleaning.

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With a bit of knowledge—and some elbow grease, too—you can keep clean brass with many common products that may be in your kitchen cabinets already.

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How to Restore Your Brass Bed and Protect it from Tarnishing and Fingerprints.

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Feb 2, 2011 ... I have an old brass bed frame with 15 years of tarnish and I've been trying to use Brasso, but the process is long and tedious. Does anyone ...

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However, brass can accumulate dirt and grease deposits, and may also tarnish over time. If you want to restore the shine to your brass bed, monkey, or tacks, ...

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How to Clean an Old Brass Bed. Old brass beds can be a challenge to clean, especially if the tarnish buildup is decades old. The job will take some elbow ...

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Cleaning old and antique brass can be a very frustrating endeavor, because over time, the brass oxidizes and becomes covered in tarnish. Proper cleaning is ...

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Q: How to restore a brass bed?
A: Bed is sealed with a protected coating to prevent discoloration but this seal has been broken and now the bed has black spots all over it. Take the brass bed ap... Read More »
Q: How to restore a brass bed?
A: Take the brass bed apart and out to the garage if possible. Or, lay down a protective tarp. Your brass bed is lacquered and remove all that with lacquer thinner... Read More »
Q: How to Restore a Brass Bed.
A: Brass beds first gained popularity in the mid 19th century and have never fallen out of favour. They are readily available in antique shops and online auction s... Read More »
Q: How to Restore a Painted Brass Bed.
A: 1. Put on the rubber gloves and apply a coat of paint thinner. Put on the rubber gloves and use a clean paintbrush to apply a coat of paint thinner to the paint... Read More »
Q: How to Clean an Old Brass Bed.
A: 1. Place the bed on a drop cloth to protect floors and help keep the mess to a minimum. 2. Remove grime and dirt by gently wiping the bed frame with a soft clot... Read More »