How to Sell Artwork on eBay
EBay is a suitable place to sell artwork online. The process involves being accurate with your description, including clear pictures of the item, and adding the appropriate features to your listing to ensure it reaches many potential buyers. Unlike many... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Art Selling Guide | eBay

Many art sellers successfully sell pieces of art to collectors around the world. Sellers can be professional art dealers, artists, or fellow collectors looking to sell  ...

How to Sell Art | eBay

Are you thinking of selling your art on eBay? If so, these expert tips will help you turn those creations into cash. Whether you're selling your own artwork or ...
Now you're making big sales that scream out for escrow, you're selling regularly enough that you're starting to compare performance amongst your listings, and you're wondering if you can avoid doing business with brand new buyers that just "don't get eBay" yet. You're ... More »
By Aron Hsiao, Guide

Selling Your Art on eBay | eBay

As a full time eBay artist and powerseller, I get emails on a fairly regular basis from other artists or aspiring artists as to what works and what doesn't, what's ...

Could You Earn up to $7000/month Selling Your Art on eBay?

Selling art on eBay is not always easy, but if you do it right, you could earn a decent living selling your work on the world's biggest online marketplace. To Sell Artwork On Ebay&v=CQgCLFIumEY
May 27, 2013 ... - Selling Art On Ebay ,,, In this video I talk about how to sell your art on ebay. Is selling art on ebay a good option for...

How to Sell Paintings on eBay: 14 Steps - wikiHow

How to Sell Paintings on eBay. Decades ago, the art market thrived solely on art brokers, museums and galleries to find buyers. The Internet has changed that ...

Selling Art on eBay: Is it worth it? -

Nov 16, 2006 ... When I looked into eBay as a viable way to promote and sell my art, I came away a little disappointed. I found that thousands of paintings went ...

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Popular Q&A
Q: How can I sell my artwork on ebay?
A: Ya do it. Read More »
Q: How to Sell Artwork
A: Have the artwork appraised. Look online and in the phone book under "Art Appraisers," or contact a museum for a referral. Get the appraisal in writing. Dependin... Read More »
Q: How much should I sell my artwork for on ebay?
A: I first want to say your work is very unique and very different. But I don't think eBay is the way to go. What I would do is take some of your best work to a lo... Read More »
Q: How to Decide to Sell on Ebay
A: Go to and click on Sell. Mid-page is a text box to type in your item. Type in whatever you are trying to sell and click Look It Up. This will tell you ... Read More »
Q: How to Sell Original Artwork for Profit
A: 1 Try asking a local art store to sell your art and offer some of the profit to them. If you become popular, maybe you could start your own little store or sell... Read More »