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Advice for amateur wine makers on how to create their own winery legally. ... This form of licensing allows them to hold title to wine and to sell it directly to other ...


License to sell I have been making wine at home for the past five years and my ... a home hobbyist (which I know is legal) to being a “winemaker” in the eyes of ...


Apr 27, 2016 ... When you inherit a fine bottle of wine like Margaux, you need a great consignment service to legally sell your wine to the widest audience of ...


Home wine-making for personal consumption is legal in all fifty states since July 1 ... prefer to make wines for sale by sharing an existing bonded winery's facility.


Aug 29, 2012 ... If you are considering becoming a winery, or if you would like to sell wine, here is a discussion of the federal qualification process for becoming ...


TTB's answers to frequently asked questions about wine. ... is there a way for me to make wine that I will be allowed to sell at my new bonded wine premises?


It is unlikely selling homebrew will ever become legal. For one reason, states are very strict about the production and distribution of food products and heavily ...


In order to legally sell your own wine, you must have a series of licenses and permits from both the federal government and from the state in which you reside.


Wine Spectator's expert explains how consumers can legally sell their wines through a third party, and that state shipping laws vary widely.