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Set-off (law)


A setoff is the right of a debtor to balance mutual debts with a creditor. ... Set-off can also be incorporated by contractual agreement so that, where a party ...

"Setoff" and "Offset" - Adams on Contract Drafting


Feb 9, 2014 ... As a verb, the term is written as two words—e.g.: “on the other hand, a subsequent agreement between the parties to set-off [read set off] a ...

Set-Off Agreement | FindLegalForms.com


This Set-Off Agreement is between two parties who are indebted to each other and agree to set-off the full amount of one party's indebtedness. This agreement ...

Contractual set-off clauses in loan agreements - Lexology


Jan 5, 2012 ... Where two parties owe each other money, it often makes sense for one of the parties to employ the concept of 'set-off' to reduce or eliminate its ...

PLC - Loan Agreement: Right of Set-off Clause


A Standard Clause for loan agreements whereby the borrower grants the agent banks, lenders and their affiliates the right to set-off deposits and other ...

Set-Off Clause Definition | Investopedia


A set-off clause can also refer to a settlement of mutual debt between a creditor and a debtor through offsetting transaction claims. This allows creditors to collect  ...

Settlement Agreement - Liquidmetal Korea Co. Ltd. and Growell ...


Jan 10, 2004 ... The Setoff Agreement is attached to this Settlement Agreement as Attachment 3. 3 <PAGE> ARTICLE 7 VALUE-ADDED TAXES Liquidmetal ...

Memorandum of Understanding.pdf - Debt Setoff Clearinghouse


Oct 30, 2014 ... NC Local Government Debt Setoff Clearinghouse Program ... This memorandum of understanding and agreement shall remain and continue in ...

to view the setoff agreement in .pdf format - Kansas Department of ...


The Municipality desires to enter into this agreement for the purpose of utilizing the debt ... debts submitted by the Municipality to the State Debt Setoff Program.

Netting and set-off under the 1992 ISDA master agreement ...


Apr 20, 2015 ... Amounts payable under any other agreement can only reduce the Early Termination Amount to the extent they can be set off. The judgment ...

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