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How to Repair a Knife Sharpening Stone
Repairing a damaged knife sharpening stone is possible in most circumstances, although stones that are cracked, broken in two or have pieces missing are better disposed of. Stones that are dished, gouged or scratched can be repaired with a few minutes... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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Jun 9, 2012 ... Get sharp: Once the coarse side of the stone is ready, you can begin sharpening. Hold the knife by its handle in your dominant hand. Lay the ...


There are several approaches to sharpening a knife, but all accomplish the same ... a stone to quickly polish a knife to razor sharp before beginning a day's prep.


He would tell people there were only three things to remember when sharpening: "Always cut into the stone, never drag your knife edge back over the stone and ...


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Mar 5, 2009 ... To sharpen a pocket knife you don't need much. Just two things: a sharpening stone and a lubricant.