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How to Sharpen Circular Saw Blades
When sharpening circular saw blades, place the blade in a vice and use a flat file to sharpen the edges. Discover how many strokes to use on each side of a saw blade with help from a home remodeling specialist in this free video on sharpening circular... More »
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Jan 2, 2015 ... Do you have a pile of dull circular saw blades sitting around? This is what you need to do to make them like new again.
Feb 28, 2015 ... I've used this method to bring a dull carbide tooth saw blade back to like-new ... I have the same type of blades described by you and i only sharpen them at a ... How to sharpen your circular saw blades, the easy way.


This portable circular saw blade sharpener allows any craftsman to sharpen multiple blades in one sitting! Constructed of a die cast aluminum base and ...


Sharpening a circular saw blade is something that should be done to maintain the life of your saw for many reasons. If you've ever had the experience of shaving ...


I know about drill-bit sharpeners, and I know how to sharpen chisels. Is there a way to sharpen the teeth of circular-saw blades? I've been throwing my used ...


I got a mitre saw second hand and I am not sure how long it was in ... A 12" miter saw blade of the ilk normally found on a miter saw or cut-off saw ...


Nov 1, 1994 ... We have about a hundred dull circular-saw blades—some carbide, some steel. I' d like to sharpen these blades myself, but I'm not sure exactly ...


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