How to Ship Live Crawfish
Crawfish are a delicacy found primarily in Southern recipes. Looking like tiny lobsters, crawfish are available from November to July. Though frozen tail meat from China and other regions is available throughout the year, most consider that to be... More »
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Transporting Live Crawfish - The Crawfish Company

A relatively small volume of live crawfish is shipped in sacks by air freight throughout the U.S. For air transport, crawfish are packed in insulated seafood ...

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Order them Live, OR you can get our Whole Cooked Crawfish which are a delicious ... You can call them crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs or even crayfish.

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Live crawfish delivery or your money back! Cajun Crawfish ships live crawfish anywhere in the US free to ensure live crawfish delivery when you need it.

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Crawfish for sale online from Cajun Crawfish! We are the Original ... Our specialty is Live Crawfish, direct from our farm in Branch, LA. ... ORDER BY PHONE

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Popular Q&A
Q: How can I ship Live crawfish.?
A: I know you say that you want to ship them live, but this will really be next to impossible. Why not steam them before shipment? Then they could be frozen and pa... Read More »
Q: How to ship the live species crawfish over sea ?
A: It is illegal to ship live animals overseas without license. -rds Read More »
Q: How to Ship Crawfish.
A: 1. Pack only crawfish that are alive and moving - discard any that are not. 2. Cool the crawfish before packing them for shipment. 3. Place something absorbent ... Read More »
Q: How to Transport Live Crawfish.
A: Things You'll Need. Crawfish. Cooler. Burlap sack. Frozen gel cold pack. Tape. Shallow container. Newspaper. Instructions. Place live crawfish in an empty coole... Read More »
Q: How do you get to captain crawfish's ship on Skullduggery Island?
A: If you sail anywhere south (below) Pirate Outpost, you will eventually be attacked by Captain Crawfish. His ship is very wide and has red sails. Read More »