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Personal names are the names given to people, but can be used as well for some ... Most recent personal names have but one correct spelling, although ...


Check the correct spelling of Names and how do you spell it on Spellcheck.net. ... I know acts and I'm not going to name names but these people sold ten million ...


How to spell Name? Spellcheck it! ... Correct spelling: name. See more NAME ... To give an appellation to; to speak of by name; to mention; to designate.


A rose by any other name would spell as sweet." But most people prefer to be called by their correct name. For instance, a woman named Rose does not want to ...


Jun 9, 2017 ... One of them being the correct spelling of the name of the person they are ... People who make the assumption that taking the liberty of being ...


I am also a stickler for spelling my name correctly. Its, TRACY without an “E”. Nice and simple, short and sweet. I've been telling people for years but the most ...


Jul 27, 2015 ... There are so many ways to spell the name Brittney, that when it is ... places, people look at me funny when I mention the correct way to spell my name. ... Do you have a name that people find difficult to pronounce or spell?


Also some words, like names, are spelled differently by different people. ... Spell those smaller words, and you can more easily deduce the correct spelling.


Proper names, also called proper nouns, refer to specific people, places or things . These names always have an initial capital letter regardless of where they are ...


Sep 9, 2009 ... Last week I led my first live online class, Email Intelligence. A participant asked what to do to make people spell her name correctly in email.