How to Start a Wire Sculpture
Making a wire sculpture? Learn tips for starting a wire sculpture in this free video clip about making a lizard wire sculpture.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Wire sculpture

Wire sculpture refers to the creation of sculpture or jewelry (sometimes called wire ... villagers used a similar technique to make baskets from galvanized wire. To Start A Wire Sculpture&v=eRvCHVY-LW4
Feb 29, 2012 ... Materials, tools and techniques for creating a wire sculpture. ... what gauge do you recommend to make a wire bird? i have to do one in a cage ... To Start A Wire Sculpture&v=xEDZuCuPKF8
Apr 2, 2008 ... Making a wire sculpture? Learn tips for starting a wire sculpture in this free video clip about making a lizard wire sculpture. Expert: Deb Huglin ... To Start A Wire Sculpture&v=0rTJ5DvuGQY
Oct 23, 2008 ... Learn how to form the figure of your wire sculpture in this free video art lesson. Expert: Mark Kooy Bio: Mark Kooy has been teaching high ...

Wire Tree Sculpture - Instructables

This will show you how to make a beautiful work of art in less than an hour. Almost free to make, this is a great gift idea, or make one for your sel...

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How to make a Rustic Romance Heart Necklace Tutorial with oxidized copper wire and faceted pink quartz. DIY Read more details here:

Wire Sculpture Tools & Techniques | Wire2craft Resources

A Beginner's Guide for How to Choose and use Wire Sculpture Tools ... Make sure that the wires used for sculption ae quite flexible as flexible wires are the best ...

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Every time I try to make something with wire, it just doesn't seem to take a ... What size/gauge of copper wire do you use for your free-form horse sculptures?

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Popular Q&A
Q: How to Do a Wire Sculpture.
A: Instructions. Choose the right wire for your sculpture. Steel wire is the cheapest, so probably the best to use as a beginner or for mock-ups before making the ... Read More »
Q: How to Collect Wire Sculptures.
A: 1. Create a proper space in your home or office to collect wire sculptures. While many sculptures may be diminutive, some are rather large and require adequate ... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Wire Tree Sculpture
A: 1 Obtain nine or twelve strands of 24-gauge wire. Decide how high you want your wire tree sculpture to be, then multiply that height by 2.5cm/1 inch (for exampl... Read More »
Q: How To Solder Wire Sculptures
A: Contemporary sculptors and artists continue to be resourceful as they look for unconventional items that can be turned into art. Popular 3D art are usually made... Read More »
Q: How to photograph wire sculptures?
A: I've done a little photography years ago... forgotten more about it than I care to recall. If money is a concern, the DIY is an option but I noticed you are s... Read More »