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Nov 16, 2015 ... Two females together are usually safe... and if you're housing one of each, ... And because their cage lining is both bedding and bathroom, you will .... If your cage is out of the way, the guinea pig will not get used to you but will ..... You can leave them some food, but after they take some treats from you.

Care of Guinea Pigs


either the male or female or both guinea pigs neutered if you are housing a male ... one custom built for your pet from a pet or feed-and-garden store, or you can build your own. No matter which route you take, however, it is best to follow these basic ... Each guinea pig should have a minimum of two square feet in its cage.

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Most people say they will take their guinea pigs with them when they move but ... It is much better for everyone if you know how to care for guinea pigs and ... Pet stores often count on you or your children buying guinea pig babies on impulse. ... Even if you have a male neutered and leave the female unspayed, this is not a  ...

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Male guinea pigs are called boars, females sows and babies are called pups. ... they are closely related to several species which are commonly found in the grassy ... If you are not confident in sexing guinea pigs, buy/adopt whatever guinea pigs you so desire, and then take it to your vet or a cavy-specific rescue to have its ...

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Guinea pig breeding: Why breeding guinea pigs is not a good idea, as well as ... Most people can't find ANYONE to take their guinea pigs, LET ALONE find a ... Is that what you have in mind for your 'extra' babies? ... Keep all 8 if you have 8 babies? ... Their life span is typically short without very special care and attent...

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If you're considering a pet guinea pig for you or your children, here is some basic care information and a checklist of equipment to help you on your way. ... be kept in male/ female couplings unless you intend to breed) or small groups. It's usually advised to introduce guinea pigs to each other when they are young, and keep ...

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If you have a specific time that you normally feed your guinea pig, you will ... And if you ever get the chance to see it, just leave them alone and appreciate ... it's very important to listen to the noises that your pet makes, so you can take .... I have two baby guinea pigs still only a few weeks old and they're both females ...

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Aug 13, 2014 ... Tips and guidelines on proper guinea pig cage setup, along with issues ... a baby guinea pig can potentially grow much larger because of their ... Usually, the bigger the better, as long as you have the budget and .... of your yard ( if you have one ) and wash them off and the guinea pig .... Leave a Comment: ...

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Jul 7, 2015 ... If you're thinking of getting a pet for your child, it's always good to start ... maintenance and your children should be able to take care of most of the ... Guinea pigs don't normally bite but I've been bitten. .... I'll just leave my questions at that and then write more questions. .... I now have ...

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2 | Guinea Pig New Owner Care Guide/Created Oct 2010/AWLQ Education ... Most of the time, these problems are caused not from cruelty by their owners, but ... Ideally, you should be able to move your guinea pig between an indoor and .... you know exactly what you are doing, play on the safe side: if in doubt leave it out .

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Jun 9, 2012 ... How to Take Care of a Female Guinea Pig and It's Baby if You Usually Leave It in Your Yard. Do you leave your guinea pig running around in ...

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Jan 9, 2015 ... If you are willing to give your guinea pig a good home with proper food, ... or even kill Guinea pigs and the temperature is usually not regulated in a garage. ... Alfalfa hay should only be fed to babies 6 months old and younger, and ... outdoors: they can slip through small openings and leave your yard, and ...

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Explains The Right Ways To Care For Guinea Pigs. ... I would not purchase any living pet for a child younger than 9. ... If you purchase a male and a female you will have to have the male neutered or be resigned to endless litters of baby pigs and a shortened ... You can pick and wash dandelion from your yard as well.

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Oct 12, 2013 ... You are a darling Human for adopting your guinea pig. ... While she still isn't a cuddler, The Humans respect that and leave her to her business. ... If you'd like to make any additions to the list below, please share your ideas in ... Usually, this means they curl under their towel and take a nap somewhere on ...

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Oct 12, 2015 ... Learn about how to care for your guinea pig with expert advice from Blue Cross. ... Don't forget, if you're planning to keep a male and female together, it's essential that the male is neutered to avoid unwanted babies. ... unless your home is quiet, they are usually happiest outdoors. .... Leave this field ...