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How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish: 9 Steps


Dec 5, 2015 ... Knowing the sex of a Betta fish is critical when deciding if and when to breed a pair of .... How can I tell if my four-month-old is male or female?

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Oct 7, 2014 ... This video is about how to tell if your betta fish is male or female, thank ... just because u assume a Dumbo Betta fish is a girl doesn't mean it is ...

Description of a Male Vs. Female Betta | Animals - mom.me


Before bringing two betta fish home, know what genders you have. Two males will ... Fins and Tails. Female bettas have smaller tails and fins than male bettas.

how to sex bettas - Betta Talk


In other words (plain English, and pardon my French :) ) how to tell a male ... Usually, you can look up closely to a betta and if it is wearing lipstick, it is a female.

How Can You Tell If Your Betta Fish Is A Boy Or Girl? | My ...


If you bought a betta baby with no gender description. All of those look ... Guest. Can u please tell me if my 3 beautiful beta fish r girls or boys!!!!! Sponsored Links.

Difference Between a Male & Female Betta | Cuteness.com


Bettas are domesticated freshwater tropical fish derived of a native fish of Thailand. ... However, the differences between the sexes remain in the domesticated bettas, even if they are less pronounced. ... How to Tell if a Betta Fish is Pregnant ...

How To Tell The Gender Of Your Betta - 92953 - FishLore.com


How To Tell The Gender Of Your Betta Some people encounter the problem when they get a betta of is my betta a boy or a girl? Sometimes ... Even if it has short fins and an ovipositor it may be a plakat male. Bubblenesting

Should I Get A Male Or Female Betta? - 6482 - FishLore.com


What are the differences that you seasoned betta mommies & daddies have noticed (I know what is generally listed in articles)? Any advice? Thanks!

Sexing baby Betta | AquariaCentral.com


I've been researching sexing baby Betta fish and am having a... ... I know this is usually a mating behavior in male bettas, but still leaning towards female in ID. ... it is hard to say girl or boy. but the shorter fins and the rounded belly in your most  ...

The difference between male #bettas and female bettas | Betta Fish ...


... male #bettas and female bettas | See more about Boys, Girls and The O'jays. ... I don't know the names of these things, but I have quite a few that look like it.

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How to Tell a Male From a Female Betta Fish - Pets


If you have a betta and you don't know for sure if he's a male or not, put a mirror where he can see it. If he flares his fins and challenges his reflection, you've got ...

Bubbles & Bettas: Male or Female?


Male Bettas generally have longer fins, while females have shorter finnage. Although, this isn't ... I don't know if my betta is a girl or a boy. I also don't know what ...

How to Determine Betta Gender - Introduction - Freshwater Aquariums


Although it may seem simple to determine Betta gender, in some cases it is not as obvious as you may think. Here are ways to ... Female and Male Betta Gender Comparisons - Danielle Vereeken. Female and .... How Well Do You Know You Know Your Bettas? ... Girl (4-6) looking at fish in tank, hands pressed against glass.