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Whatever your reason, you'll need to know how to test your silver. Silver is ... Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, primarily copper. .... You will have to analyze the color that appears as the acid sinks into the piece.

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how to test silver, Silver Tester, Silver Testing, RS Mizar Gold Tester, Tri- Electronics Gold Testers. ... SO HOW CAN WE TELL IF IT'S REALLY SILVER? Precious Metal ... If the spot turns a creamy colour it is high quality silver, usually sterling.

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Testing for silver can range from sound and feel, to density, and acid tests for purity. ... If it turns green, or any other colour, you have a plated metal and not the ... colour on either scratch test, so will not identify nickel silver as not being sterling.

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Real 925 sterling silver jewelry, on the other hand, will turn a cream color. ... sterling silver jewelry appraised; using these simple tests will let you know what's  ...

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Nov 9, 2013 ... To test sterling silver, there are some home tests to identify real sterling silver ... Applying the acid solution to the jewelry would turn the color.

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Apr 9, 2012 ... This video shows how sterling silver and fake silver react to 67% nitric acid. The sterling silver is pretty much unaffected, the acid turning slightly milky... ... How to tell Sterling Silver from silver plated when shopping at thrift ...

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As is true with all types of materials, the best way of learning to identify silver is to ... This can be useful when you are out shopping and testing is not an option. ... Platinum--silver greyish color--does not tarnish--harder and heavier than silver. ... silver--925 parts silver and 75 parts copper--can be marked "925" or ...

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Feb 1, 2012 ... 3 Quick Ways to Help Tell Real Silver from “Fake” Silver. ... Chris, your magnet test explanation is incongruent. if Silver is .... It was leaving a green ring on her finger, under magnification I see a coppery color but I filed away at ...

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With it came instructions which said: 90-100% silver turns a creamy color; .... on Amazon, I was easily able to determine whether items were sterling silver or not. ... 3 Bottles Silver Test Acid Testing Sterling Jewelry Solution Liquid Metal Tester.

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Jun 27, 2014 ... Vintage Sterling Silver Wide Cuff Bracelet with Dimpled Rope Pattern (American ... of pure silver, it is important to know which alloy was used to make a piece of jewelry. ... on or about June 15,2014) or simply google “silver testing”. ... “S80” – this is a mark that appears on a lot of Chinese silver colored ...

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How to Tell if Sterling Silver is Real? The Jewelry Makers Dilemma.


Sep 28, 2013 ... A bit of info regarding the influx of fake sterling silver and some tips on how you can spot the ... Your test will tell you what colors to look for.

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The silver testing bottle is dark amber in color. As a trial run, I scratched the ... Can anyone tell me what I have here? pure silver? sterling? Nothing? lol I would  ...

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As both a buyer and seller of sterling silver, I am most appalled when Sellers ... Sterling and pure silver will not change the color of the acid, which is usually red. ... Silverplate will show a positive test for silver if you apply acid directly on to it.