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May 17, 2014 ... Pike Taking Dead Bait Smelt Underwater - How to Catch Pike! This clip was originally show on Fishing Britain - Pike on the hunt ... +Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj further, use a decent lead to keep line (preferably braid) tight.
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Nov 29, 2011 ... Jan Porter covers deadbaiting for pike, revealing the tackle, tactics, bait and bite indication required to catch lots of big pike on natural baits.
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Sep 6, 2013 ... An afternoon session down the river for Perch but hooked Pike, I am not complaining. ... I would have put the little pike on as bait or frozen them for the next ... Good vid Wayne, that's fishing, you never know whats down there, ...

How do you keep a deadbait on at range? | Pike Angler


Jan 9, 2015 ... I am using either a ledger or a float. ... If you think about carp fishing, casting a ledgered bait a long way is not a ... Use a Fox Deadbait Clip.

Pike Fishing Methods | Pike Fishing Techniques - Ilkeston Fishing


Dec 29, 2013 ... Pike Fishing has 3 main categories, Live Bait, dead Bait and Lure Fishing. ... as the name suggests it involves using “live” bait in order to catch the fish. .... I have been searching for Pike Fishing videos on Youtube, I have found ...

Stillwater Pike Floats Explained | Dynamite Baits


Dec 23, 2010 ... When fishing stillwaters with deadbaits, I have a great preference to ... I'm convinced that a float-fished bait offers less resistance to pike ... In these instances, in particular, I believe that pike feel the resistance of leger weights and line clips ... Onto the line I apply a Fox Rig-Stop followed by a small b...

Deadbaiting for Pike 2 - Bainton Fisheries


For many anglers, pike fishing and a nice big red float are synonymous. ... I fish the bait head down, and usually use sardine, though I have had some good ... their introduction, and apart from having to modify the original line clip with a pair of ...

Popping Up Pike Baits | Dynamite Baits


Dec 27, 2010 ... Using popped up deadbaits enables anglers to fish effectively in weedy ... There is always a chance that a pike taking the bait could possibly swallow ... The clip can be anything you have available, but for neatness I like the ...

OutdoorsWeekly.com Northern Pike Fishing Features


Most of the anglers I know that are really into pike fishing travel far into Canada to ... I fish this set-up at a pretty good clip. ... Spinner baits and top water buzz baits are also good choices when using a stop and go motion to trigger the bite.

Pedigree Chum - Andrew Kennedy describes ... - Just-Fish.co.uk


... explains methods of chumming for pike, when pike fishing using deadbaits. ... I have had plenty of success injecting oils & flavours into my baits and I've found ... and snap link to make it clip-on instead of in-line, I could use it with pike rigs.

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How to succeed with deadbaits - the whole story by Andy Lush


To successfully and consistently catch pike on deadbaits or any other ... The best bait and tackle in the world will fail if you have not put some thought into where ... of the swims you intend fishing trying to pinpoint the potential fish holding features, ... Deadbait casting clips are essential when using "tough skinned" ba...

How To Catch Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Techniques


How To Catch Northern Pike Fishing Tips Trophy Northern Pike Techniques Tactics. ... It's not uncommon for a big Pike to hit and let go several times before the bait is taken. ... Then attach your DareDevil or what ever you want to use. ... Then clip the two leaders together so that you have a hook at one end and a hook ...

A Basic Guide to Catching Northern Pike | Field & Stream


Apr 30, 2006 ... All fish are predators, but northern pike come dressed for the part: ... If I had to use only one pike lure, it would be a white spinnerbait with a ...