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... than using biomass to produce ethanol fuel, ... ethanol and advanced vehicle batteries.


Oct 30, 2009 ... We read numerous stories about the benefits of E85 fuel for cars, and I for one would like to use it, since it is becoming more available. But the ...

Jul 21, 2010 ... Watch more How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car videos: http://www.howcast. com/videos/383170-How-to-Use-Ethanol-in-Cars Ethanol has ...


Ethanol has been used in vehicles since the early 1990s to improve fuel economy and to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide produced by the car's engine.


An ethanol blended fuel of 10% is compatible with most makes and models produced since 1986. Click here to see what ethanol blend your vehicle can use.


Detroit and Washington have fallen in love with the idea of burning ethanol in America's cars and trucks. Detroit likes the fact that converting a vehicle to run on  ...


Mar 13, 2012 ... There is a lot of confusion about which cars can use ethanol.


Jul 26, 2006 ... If you want to use 85 percent ethanol in your car but don't want to buy a new flex- fuel vehicle, XCel Plus has released an adaptor kit for ...


But how will your car's engine tolerate even 15 percent ethanol? ... between E10 fuel, which is in widespread use (although not warmly embraced) and E15 fuel?


Feb 28, 2014 ... As bad as E10 is for today's cars, ethanol fuel problems are worse for ... Use ethanol-resistant hoses or nylon tubing to replace any plastic or ...