How to Use Pewter Color
Pewter is a dark gray color historically associated with silver and tin. First manufactured in the heart of Europe in the mid-1700s, pewter colored products -- such as plates and mugs -- became very well known for their durability and practicality. As... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Detail on a pewter fork handle from Norway, showing three scenes: King Olaf II of ... heavier, tarnish faster, and oxidation gives them a darker silver-gray color. ... by the Egyptians and later the...

pewter 2121-30 Paint - Benjamin Moore pewter Paint Color Details

Discover pewter, one of over 3400 paint colors by Benjamin Moore. View suggested color combinations, see similar colors, and find a nearby Benjamin Moore ...

revere pewter HC-172 Paint - Benjamin Moore revere pewter Paint ...

Discover revere pewter, one of over 3400 paint colors by Benjamin Moore. View suggested color combinations, see similar colors, and find a nearby Benjamin ...

Coloring Pewter | Morgan Donner's Sewing Party

Sep 30, 2013 ... I wondered if it would work on pewter, so I bought a few colors to try it out. ... several times that they use a paint called Pebeo Porcelaine 150.

What color is Pewter a shade of?

Pewter, #9D9A96, Grey. Dark Slate Gray, #2F4F4F, Grey. Gray, #808080, Grey. Ash Grey, #B2BEB5, Grey. Dark Gray, #A9A9A9, Grey ...

How to Use a Pewter Color to Age Furniture | Motherhood ...

With its dull gray color, matte look and brushed finish, furniture aged with a pewter color incorporates the nicks and scratches of well-used furniture and hides the ...

Pewter Cast SW 7673 - Sherwin-Williams

Pewter Cast paint color SW 7673 by Sherwin-Williams. View interior ... Go to Color Visualizer ... This paint color may only be available for interior or exterior use.

Creating a patina on pewter - Finishing

Is there a simple method for a hobbyist to get natural patina back onto pewter ... A . You can use this solution for black coloring of tin and pewter: 200 gm. iron ...

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